About us

We develop workforce management systems for clients, driving forward a modern society that prioritises compliance, transparency, and secure regulatory measures.

Working for Secure Workday

Effortlessly schedule shifts and manage rosters with complete assurance in time tracking, employee scheduling, and more.

Workforce Management Systems

Enables customers to leverage the full power of their workforce.

Expert Consulting & Support

A trusted partner to customers that delivers meaningful impact.

Business Intelligence & Innovation

Unlocks data-driven decisions and drives results.

WFM Systems from TimePlan Software

  • Tailored, scalable workforce management for efficient scheduling, time tracking, and HR management.

  • Detailed guidance for seamless software integration and adoption.

  • Pioneering WFM technology and regulations knowledge, ensuring a zero-gap approach.

  • Secure digital document management for uncompromised GDPR compliance.

  • Dedicated consultancy in work regulations and practical WFM system usage.

About Us

At TimePlan Software, we’ve spent nearly three decades focusing on Workforce Management (WFM) innovation, always with the goal of respecting and valuing your time. For us, it’s about more than just optimizing productivity and efficiency; it’s about understanding and supporting the unique needs of businesses and their employees. 

Our approach has always been about listening first—creating pioneering solutions that are informed by our customers’ experiences and challenges. We believe in a customer-first mindset, striving to make a real difference in the way businesses manage and appreciate the time of their workforce.


Assurance of proper handling for agreed-upon contracts.


Enhanced clarity, confidence, and extra time/margin in daily life.


An intuitive, flexible, dynamic, and integrated solution.

Our Vision

In the heart of the service industry, where every moment and personal interaction counts, TimePlan Software envisions a future where ‘respecting your time’ becomes the cornerstone of every workplace. Our dream is to forge environments that not only value efficiency and productivity but also champion the working rights and dignity of every individual, from employer to employee.

We see a world where the service industry leads by example, showing that hands-on, attentive management and operations can coexist with respect for personal time and well-being. It’s a future where businesses thrive by ensuring their teams do too, where the rights of workers are held in high regard, and where every task, every service, and every moment spent working is valued and respected.

TimePlan Leadership

Rex A. Clausager

Chief Executive Officer

Sigmund Lange

Chief Operating Officer

Mads Lange

Chief Technical Officer

Michael A. Haladyn

Chief Commercial Officer

Lilian Jensen

Chief Support Officer

Morten Weesgaard

Chief Financiel Officer

Supervisory Board

Henrik Baasch

Henrik Baasch

Founder and Board Member

30 Years of Workforce Management: Our History

Current Job Openings

We’re not currently hiring other positions, but we’re always looking for talented individuals. 

Please check back later or submit a speculative application at jobs@timeplan-software.com