TimePlan Education and Courses

Empower your WFM team with expert knowledge and skills for future-proof workforce management.

Administrator and Super-User Training

We train select employees to master TimePlan as Administrators or Super Users. These in-house experts are then equipped to share their knowledge, training others within your organisation on how to use TimePlan in day-to-day operations effectively.

If needed, our TimePlan consultants are available to train your entire workforce. This comprehensive training ensures everyone is proficient and comfortable using TimePlan, maximizing its benefits for your business.

All-User Training Options

Continued Support and Resources

Even after initial training, a variety of tools remain at your disposal. From detailed manuals and instructive videos to informative webinars and regular release documents, we provide everything you need to leverage TimePlan effectively.

Regular courses and webinars cover new features, Automatic Shift Planning (AutoPlan), legislated time tracking, GDPR compliance, and more. Conducted online, at your premises, or at our head office in Aalborg, Denmark, these sessions are designed to cater to your specific needs.

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Diverse Course Offerings

Keep Up with TimePlan Evolution

Administrators receive exclusive invitations to our webinars, held 3 to 4 times a year. These sessions cover new updates and enhancements in each TimePlan release, ensuring your team is always up to speed.

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