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Improve your logistics workforce services with streamlined staffing solutions and resource allocation.

Streamlined Scheduling and Operations

TimePlan Software’s tailored logistics solutions can be specifically set up to tackle the unique challenges of the industry for people on the go. Our wide range of services includes real-time tracking, compliance with transportation regulations, and so much more.

Employee Scheduling

Flexible transport scheduling

Leave Management

Seamless staff replacement

Task Prioritisation

Assign and monitor routes

Improved Operations

Centralised operations efficiency

TimePlan Software Simplifies Logistics Operations 24/7

Easily fine-tune rosters, manage availability, and ensure on-time deliveries and arrivals.

Employee Scheduling

Driver and pilot schedules can be adjusted in real-time to meet changing transport demands. Optimise resource allocation and enhance cost efficiency.

Leave Management

Effortlessly adapt to crew or driver absences and swiftly find qualified replacements. Leverage valuable insights for maintaining smooth operations.


Optimise your operations by ensuring adherence to work hour regulations. Achieve peak performance whilst maintaining strict compliance with labour standards.


Ensure accurate pay and eliminate manual processes. Streamline operations with integrated, automated payroll management.

"Our collective agreements are quite complex because our staff work odd hours, depending on the flight departures. TimePlan automatically calculates all the necessary pay supplements, and we are able to see who is taking care of what task during which departure."
Johnny Svensson
Head of IT - H.C. Andersen Airport

Questions Answered:

Our Workforce Management (WFM) systems are designed to adjust seamlessly to the dynamic nature of logistics and transport. It provides real-time staffing adjustment possibilities during peak transport periods and seasonal changes. With the help of predictive analytics, TimePlan’s Autoplan can forecast staffing needs based on historical data, ensuring you’re always prepared for fluctuations and can optimise your workforce accordingly.

Absolutely! We have a broad knowledge of integration possibilities. We strive for compatible solutions that can be effortlessly connected through APIs and system integrations. This ensures a smooth flow of data between systems. Real-time updates and insights help you make informed staffing decisions based on transport data and other key metrics. We provide assistance in setting it up according to your specific needs.

Workforce compliance is a fundamental focus of TimePlan Software. Our systems allow you to input specific terms from employee contracts, collective agreements and transport regulations. This ensures that scheduling, overtime, and rest periods adhere to both legal standards and individual agreements. Automated alerts notify managers and planners of potential compliance issues, enabling proactive adjustments, and avoiding fines. 

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