Leave and Holiday Management

Efficiently manage your employee leave and absences and optimise your scheduling. 

Securely Manage Absences with Effective Tools

Our specialised leave and holiday management tools empower payroll offices with control over employee absence and holiday balances. Gain a comprehensive overview of staff availability, ensuring efficient allocation and minimising disruptions in your service industry workforce.

All-Around WFM Tools

Our specialised absence management tools empower payroll offices with seamless control over employee vacation and holiday balances.

Holiday Balance Management

Our software tracks accrued and taken vacation days, facilitating your accurate holiday planning and conflict avoidance. You can easily view balances and plan holidays based on availability and accruals.

Payroll Integration

Our solutions integrates with your payroll system, ensuring accurate calculations of holiday entitlements. This reduces manual entry, minimising errors during data transfer and guaranteeing correct payments.

Automated Calculations

Our software computes holiday and leave compliance with legislation and your company policies. Automatic calculations streamline holiday and leave entitlement.

Custom Solutions

Whether you're in retail, healthcare, or other service industries, our customisable WFM software adapts to your unique needs and can accommodate various collective agreements.

Leave and Holiday Management Tools

Our WFM-solutions have many different features for streamlined leave and holiday management.

Holiday balance

Employees can instantly view their current holiday entitlement, updated in real-time, ensuring transparency and easy planning, and employers can streamline with payroll systems.

Balance integrated

Seamlessly integrate with payroll systems to provide accurate holiday and leave information, minimizing manual errors and administrative workload.

Leave of absence

Allows employees to easily register different types of absences, such as doctor visits or sickness, and apply for time off directly through the apps and platforms.

Time off in lieu

Give opportunity for employees to opt for extra time off in lieu of overtime pay after working additional hours, offering flexibility in work-life balance.

Among other powerful WFM tools. Book a demo to learn more.

TimePlan and ProLøn Keep Track of Employees, Schedules and Payroll

“We save a lot of administration costs by having a system that goes 360 degrees. Rosters, employment agreements, work hours, and payroll are sensitive issues, and TimePlan and ProLøn keep track of it all.”

Why Choose TimePlan for Leave & Holiday Management?

Benefit from our 25+ years of experience in streamlining complex workforce processes, empowering your business with efficient leave managementand employee scheduling.

Effortless Absence Management

Manage employee absences with ease. Our system allows quick adjustments to cover unplanned leaves, ensuring smooth staffing and maintaining workflow efficiency. Track and report absence trends for better planning.

Holiday Planning and Allocation

Optimize holiday management with our tool. Handle holiday requests efficiently, maintain fair and transparent allocation, and ensure business needs are met during peak seasons. Real-time holiday balance insights support effective planning.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Facilitate flexible working with ease. Adapt to various work arrangements like flextime and part-time, balancing employee preferences with productivity. Our platform supports dynamic scheduling, promoting a balanced work-life environment.

Your Questions Answered:

Our systems are configured to efficiently handle leave management in alignment with your company’s policies. This ensures accurate management of employee absences, preventing conflicts and avoiding unnecessary payroll costs.

  • Guarantees precision in tracking and managing employee absences.

  • Promotes compliance with internal policies and regulations.

  • Enhances operational workflow during employee absences.

Yes, our systems can automate a variety of administrative tasks, including the seamless management and monitoring of employee leaves and changes in work hours. This automation ensures efficient compliance with your employees’ collective agreements, preventing conflicts and avoiding unnecessary payroll costs related to absences.

  • Streamlines administrative tasks related to holiday and leave management.

  • Ensures accurate and efficient scheduling during employee absences.

Yes, tracking employee absences is essential for effective workforce management. Our systems’ absence tracking feature allows businesses to monitor and understand employee absence patterns, facilitating better planning and resource allocation. With TimePlan Analytics, you can analyse and dive deep into employee tendencies.