APIs and System Integrations

Easily integrate with your existing tools such as payroll, HR systems, and much more. 

Seamless Integrations and App Connectivity

Our WFM solution effortlessly integrates with leading software, enhancing your workflow efficiency. Enjoy streamlined operations with our app’s compatibility across various platforms, ensuring a cohesive ecosystem.


Our WFM platform connects seamlessly with payroll, HR systems, and ERPs, through robust partner integrations, optimising your entire workforce management process.


For more than 30 years, ProLøn has helped Danish businesses and organisations streamline their payroll administration. ProLøn develops unique standard solutions and industry solutions that can be used by all Danish businesses regardless of size and industry.

VISMA Dataløn

DataLøn is a Danish payroll system developed for small and medium-sized companies. The payroll system is flexible, safe and easy to use. Report your master data, and Dataløn will take care of salary calculations, payment of wages, reports, etc.


esignatur is a Danish-developed digital signature solution that makes it easy, quick and safe for companies and organisations to have their customers, partners and employees sign contracts and other important documents digitally regardless of their location.


Penneo is a Danish-developed software solution for obtaining digital signature on documents. Penneo saves time and postage and speeds up the case handling. The process is 100 percent safe and in accordance with applicable legislation in Denmark.


GetAccept is a proposal tool that lets you design, track and market proposals to get them digitally signed. GetAccept gives you control, makes your proposals stand out, and lets you anticipate your clients and respond to their needs.


Evovia provides a user-friendly digital solution for dialogue-based employee development, making the efforts strategically rooted and systematic – MUS, one-to-one conversations, onboarding, GRUS, APV, sickness absence dialogues, etc.


2people's HR system is the most important tool for HR departments in their daily work with HR and recruitment. The system is tailored to your needs by combining the various modules to suit your company.


Aditro offers innovative and flexible solutions for HR – administration and payroll. Aditro focuses on automated and digitized business processes and has been one of the top leaders in its field within the Nordic region over the past 50 years.


Azets is one of the leading Nordic suppliers of technology and services within Accounting, Payroll and HR systems. Azets combines industry-specific knowledge and local knowledge with innovative technology and tailor-made solutions in all industries.


Hogia offers software solutions within freight and passenger transport, including ferry services, public transport and train terminals. The company focuses on integrated solutions between various transport providers and operates on six continents.


Silta offers solutions for payroll, HR – administration, outsourcing and systems for streamlining business processes. The company was founded in Finland and helps customers take into account collective agreements and focuses on high efficiency.


Workday is a cloud-based ERP software for HR – administration, financial management and payroll. The product was launched in 2005 and is available as on-demand software, providing an updated insight into a company’s employee data and key ratios.


With Sympa HR software, you can manage all HR – data in one solution with simple analysis and reporting tools. Sympa’s passion is to help companies improve and enhance their employee satisfaction and development – now in more than 50 countries.

Mepco A+

Mepco is a versatile payroll and HR system which allows you to use either both or just one area of the program. It’s developed to guide you smoothly throughout the employment for organisations of all sizes in both the public and private sector.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a Danish-developed finance system, which was acquired by Microsoft and renamed Microsoft Dynamics AX. The program includes ERP and industry-specific features that help faster create greater business value within a company.


SAP is an ERP system that manages the company’s functional tasks and work processes on a number of levels. SAP helps organisations create new opportunities for innovation and growth and is the fourth largest software provider in the world.


CPSMS.DK is a Danish-developed SMS gateway, which is specifically aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Very simple pricing structure: No creation or monthly fees. you only pay for the SMS you refuel.


inMobile is a Danish SMS provider with a global reach. Our SMS gateway is fast, stable and secure, with affordable prices in more than 200 countries. inMobile is GDPR compliant and have an independent auditors ISAE 3000 assurance report.

LINK Mobility

LINK Mobility is Europe’s leading mobile communications provider specializing in SMS, digital services and intelligent data usage. Across industries, they offer a range of innovative and scalable mobile services focusing on valuable digital convergence between businesses and customers, platforms and users.


SureSMS creates flexible, innovative and durable SMS solutions for professional users in Denmark. They offer a well-documented API for a stable SMS gateway targeting developers. With good craftsmanship and focus on technologically new solutions, they create the best solutions in close cooperation with their customers.


Quriiri communication services offer a modern digital platform for mobile communications either for internal communication or connecting with the customers. The service enables sending text messages quickly and easily through a web interface instead of traditional operators.


ASPECT4 is an ERP system that focuses on effective business processes. ASPECT4 contains features and facilities that enable companies to free up resources for commercial and business activity and increase efficiency across the organisation.


The app-based Relesys delivers custom-made communication solutions to companies who want to connect and interact with all levels of the organisation. Relesys has a mobile-first mindset and is used mainly in the retail and service industry.


Restolution is a web based cash register system that allows the customer to follow the sales development in real time and gather sales information for statistical purposes. The system is available for any device with an internet browser.