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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re experiencing log-in issues or need assistance with TimePlan, the first step is to contact your workplace’s designated TimePlan administrator or your manager. They are equipped with the necessary resources and permissions to assist you.

  • Why Your Workplace? TimePlan accounts and their management are under the direct ownership and control of your workplace. They have the access rights to reset passwords, provide login credentials, and address specific queries related to your account.

  • Need Further Help? If your workplace’s TimePlan administrator or manager is unable to resolve the issue, they will contact our support team for additional assistance. This ensures that you receive the correct and efficient help tailored to your specific situation.

  • Remember: Your workplace is your primary point of contact for any issues or questions about TimePlan. They have direct access to our support team and are best placed to coordinate the help you need.

If you’re an administrator or manager facing technical issues with TimePlan:

  1. Document the Issue: Note down the specifics of the problem, including error messages and the actions leading up to it. Screenshots can be very useful.

  2. Contact TimePlan Support: Reach out to us directly via our support email or open a ticket on our helpdesk. Be sure to provide all the documented details for a quicker resolution.

  3. Follow-up: Our support team will assess the issue and may work with you for additional information or troubleshooting steps.

For setup or configuration assistance:

  1. Consult Our Resources: First, check our online manuals and tutorial videos for guidance. You can find them on the Helpdesk.

  2. Direct Contact: If you need further assistance, please contact our support team. We are ready to provide step-by-step guidance or remote assistance if needed.

Our systems are customisable by design and ensure that the needs of your business are met precisely – nothing more, nothing less. The price of TimePlan, therefore, varies depending on which modules you choose. Contact one of our sales consultants for a free TimePlan demo.

Yes, TimePlan helps to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about TimePlan and GPDR.

Customer Support

For general inquiries, contact us at info@timeplan-software.

Already a customer?
Reach our team from:

Monday to Thursday: 7:30 am – 4:30 PM CET
Fridays: 7:30 am – 4:00 PM CET.

Phone: +45 9840 2020

Online Support Portal for Customers

Access your account here to raise tickets, track queries, or browse FAQs.

You can also find our guides, server status page, manuals and other helpful tools. 



TimePlan is a provider of workforce management solutions for employers, and it is your employer who is responsible for entering data into the system.

If you have WFM-related questions, we have collected some of the most asked questions for employees.


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