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Achieve precision in hospitality service staffing while reducing wage costs and work hours.

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Boost your hospitality operations with TimePlan Workforce Management. Our advanced tools and software ensure accurate time tracking, compliant HR administration and flexible scheduling, perfect for adapting to seasonal changes. Elevate guest experiences with our tailored innovative solutions, catering to all businness requirements. 

Flexible Scheduling

Staffing for different seasons

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Uphold high legal standards

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We help hospitality businesses effortlessly manage every shift

Take your guest services to the next level with personalised scheduling, guaranteeing smooth operations in any situation.

Exceptional Support

Our support team is skilled in handling various scenarios and has extensive knowledge across multiple industries.

Streamlined Operations

Efficiently tackle hospitality challenges with TimePlan's workforce management insights.

Ready for Integration

TimePlan seamlessly integrates with a wide range of solutions, including payroll, digital signature, HR software, and more.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make smart decisions based on analytics to optimise your hospitality scheduling for great results.

“TimePlan gives us a clear overview and makes it easy for us to comply with collective agreements. We save work hours and wage costs every day.”
Anette Skjærris
Payroll Bookkeeper

How Our WFM Software Works

TimePlan’s workforce management systems are designed to uncover staffing patterns, providing valuable insights into rostering needs at specific times. Whether it’s the rush hours in your restaurant or the off-peak periods in your hotel, our software empowers you to plan your staff efficiently. Discover the benefits of TimePlan for optimal workforce management and improved customer experience.

Integration is a fundamental aspect of our WFM design. Our systems seamlessly integrate with a wide range of other systems, enabling easy data interchange. This synergy provides real-time updates and valuable insights, facilitating staffing decisions based on sales information and important indicators.

Compliance is one of our top priorities. Our WFM systems are regularly updated to reflect changing labour legislation. It meets legal requirements and can accommodate unique employee contract clauses. Scheduling, overtime calculations, and breaks align with both regulations and individual terms. Automated prompts notify managers of potential deviations. Our systems handles big customer data and warns about work regulation violations. We ensure comprehensive compliance coverage, supporting your business.

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