Time Tracking and Scheduling

Optimise work hours and reduce wage costs with efficient employee scheduling and time-tracking solutions.

Manage Shifts and Rosters with Confidence

Managing a business is like a juggling act with various responsibilities. TimePlan’s dedicated software simplifies time tracking, scheduling, and compliance. Empower your team with our mobile app for easy scheduling and seamless compliance.

Real-time View of Employees at Work

Gain insight with our real-time employee work view “the Wall”, enhancing management and operational efficiency across your organisation.

  • Monitor employee presence and activity in real-time
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration
  • Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute data on workforce distribution
  • Quickly address operational needs and adjust staffing levels.
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The Wall by TimePlan

What We Provide

Effortlessly schedule shifts and manage rosters with complete assurance in time tracking, compliance and more.

Precision Scheduling

Utilising our time management software and modules, we offer intelligent scheduling solutions that not only save time but also maximise both employee satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Advanced Time Tracking

Our time tracking softwares allow you to manage employee hours, overtime, and absences. This ensures compliance with legal norms and aids in accurate payroll and time sheeting.

Flexibility Across Industries

Whether you're in retail, healthcare, or leisure, our customisable time tracking and scheduling software can adapt to the unique needs of any sector and collective agreements.

Reliable Compliance

TimePlan helps you effortlessly align your employee time tracking and scheduling with legal mandates, ensuring your business operates within the law while optimising efficiency.

Time Tracking and Scheduling Tools

Our WFM-solutions have an array of different features for optimal time tracking and scheduling.

Functions and skills

With our function features, it’s easy to plan and distribute tasks and resources according to the individual job descriptions in the company. We provide an overview of the necessary tasks, job functions, and skills being placed in the right place at the right time.


Schedule employees’ working hours directly in a calendar, so they follow a curve defined based on your staffing needs per hour. This ensures optimal resource allocation and an overview of working hours.

Dynamic rotas

Streamline workforce management by providing real-time updates to employee rotas. Accessible on any mobile device, our apps offer an easy way for employees to view their latest schedules, ensuring they are always informed about their shifts. 

Time tracking

Our time tracking features offer a solution for monitoring work hours, including precise punch-in times, leave times, and pauses. It ensures accurate timekeeping and simplifies payroll streamlining, all in one intuitive system that integrates with your other administrative platforms.

Among other powerful WFM tools. Book a demo to learn more.

Mariehjemmene Implements TimePlan to Optimise Caregiving

When we asked Mariehjemmene what they value most about implementing TimePlan’s workforce management, they pointed out: “That things are correct and that we can trust the numbers. That’s actually a significant part of it. But also, the green roster, which is a bit of an ideal. We can see that the managers are very proud when they can showcase a green schedule during meetings.”

Mariehjemmene medarbejder og beboer

Why Choose TimePlan for Scheduling and Time Tracking?

Boost your workforce management with our advanced planning and scheduling tools. With 25+ years of experience, we streamline your complex scheduling processes.

Updated Schedules and Rosters

With our comprehensive systems, you can allocate resources and plan shifts, minimizing scheduling conflicts and fostering seamless team coordination.

Ensure Compliance

Our software ensures compliance with EU laws that mandate time tracking, ensuring your business operates within legal boundaries. Accurate time tracking protects your business from potential legal complications.

Clock-in and Clock-out

Track clock-in and clock-out hours accurately with our software, available through mobile apps or sign-in terminals. This promotes transparency, fair compensation, and effective workforce management.

Your Questions Answered:

TimePlan is configured to follow the rules, collective agreements, and labour market regulations applicable to your company. This comprehensive and tailored setup effectively manages minimum wages, shift differential allowances, and overtime rules for each specific agreement.

Having a TimePlan workforce management system:

  • Ensures your business operates within all legal parameters.

  • Helps with accurate pay for employees.

  • Eliminates errors and penalties in time tracking and payroll.

  • Ensures compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

  • Contributes to smooth operational workflow.

  • Builds trust between the company and your employees.

TimePlan can automate a wide range of administrative tasks, including the management and monitoring of changes in work hours and shift plans. By ensuring compliance with your employees’ collective agreements, TimePlan prevents conflicts and avoids unnecessary payroll costs. This function helps you align work schedules and duty rosters in accordance with current notification rules, keeping both employees and the business satisfied and protected.

Yes, time tracking is a legal requirement in the EU. In 2019, the European Court of Justice ruled that all EU member states must require employers to set up an objective, reliable, and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured. TimePlan helps businesses comply with this requirement effortlessly.