Respecting your time with smart workdays

Are you tired workforce management with outdated tools that waste your employees’ time and compromise their rights? Our systems simplify workforce management, respect employees’ time, and uphold work regulations. 

timeplan workforce management

Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce

TimePlan Workforce Management Systems are dedicated to valuing your time by providing better employee scheduling, workforce compliance, enhanced resource management, and efficient time tracking. With TimePlan Software, you can optimize workforce management processes and ensure the availability of the right number of skilled staff to manage projected workloads. From backstage to the frontline, TimePlan sustains operational efficiency throughout your organization.

hotel industry

Benefit From Over 25 Years of Service Industry Expertise

Experience workforce management solutions that truly respects and values time.

Time tracking and employee scheduling

Time Tracking & Employee Scheduling

Harness the power of TimePlan's advanced software for efficient shift planning, rotations, and task allocation. Dive deep into the technical side of workforce management, optimizing every work hour and task.

Leave and holiday management

Leave & Holiday Management

Absence management is a core functionality in TimePlan. Using the TimePlan Web App, employees can easily keep track of their absence and holidays, just as they can apply for time off, report sickness, and more.

Compliance and HR administration

Compliance & HR Administration

TimePlan is your comprehensive solution for HR and compliance. Features that aid in the digitalization and structuring of various administrative tasks ensure adherence to regulations and best practices.

Service Industry Expertise

We provide workforce management solutions for employee scheduling, time tracking and HR administration for all hands-on sectors and industries.

Why TimePlan Software?

timeplan workforce management calendar

Optimal Planning and Scheduling

Dive into a world where efficiency meets precision. Our advanced algorithms ensure that every shift, task, and rotation is optimized for your business needs.

timeplan workforce management protection

Ensuring Secure Compliance

Navigate the complexities of workforce management with confidence. We prioritize security and adherence to regulations, ensuring you're always on the right side of labour legislation.

timeplan workforce management collective agreements

Managing Collective Agreements

Harmonise your workforce. Our system adeptly manages collective agreements, employee contracts and work regulations, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied teams from C-suite to the frontline.

timeplan workforce management integrations

Powerful Integration Tools

Seamlessly connect our systems with your existing solutions, be ir payroll or alike. Our robust integration tools ensure a smooth transition and continuous synergy.

timeplan workforce management scalability

Scalable Solutions

Grow with us. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our modular solutions adapt to your needs, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

timeplan workforce management experience

Decades of Experience

Benefit from our decades of workforce management expertise, offering excellent support tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Are you ready?

On 1 July 2024, time tracking will be regulatory in Denmark.

For Danish visitors, we are hosting a webinar 12 March 2024. Read more here.

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