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Healthcare scheduling that prioritises quality and employee satisfaction.

Secure Quality Healthcare Staffing

Enhance patient care through efficient time management with TimePlan’s innovative scheduling solutions. Our focus on employee well-being in workforce management helps maintain compliance with work regulations. Facilitate top-tier staffing in clinics and hospitals, save time and prioritise staff needs.

24/7 Scheduling

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Staff Welfare Focus

Accurate hours for fair entitlements

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Flexibility for urgent care

Taking Care of Staff Coordination in the Healthcare Industry

Optimise your healthcare services with exceptional standards and seamless coordination.

Compliance Assurance

Uphold staff regulations with compliant, efficient scheduling for all healthcare needs.

Welfare-Driven Solutions

Our WFM tools prioritise staff welfare, ensuring work/life balance and efficient rostering

Schedule Integrity

Create rosters that reflect healthcare dedication, from public to private practices.

Support Excellence

Our support team drives WFM quality and is ready to assist with your systems and problems.

“With TimePlan, we can always go back and see which nurses have received what allowances and when – also in terms of leave registration, vacation, illness, and reimbursement. We save time every day and have the entire history, with all data stored in one place.”
Lillian Moberg Pedersen
Accounting Assistant - Aleris Hamlet

How Our WFM Software Works

We understand the unique dynamics of healthcare, where patient needs can fluctuate rapidly. Our system offers real-time adjustments and shift flexibility, ensuring that facilities can adapt swiftly to changing demands. With patient-centric rostering, our solutions anticipate high-demand periods and quieter times, allowing for optimal staffing that ensures both efficiency and quality care.

Our software prioritises the well-being of healthcare staff. Our tools are designed to create a comfortable work environment by ensuring balanced workloads, recognising staff needs, and providing features that allow for easy communication and feedback. Additionally, our solutions offer security features that protect staff data and ensure that scheduling adheres to labour laws and collective agreements, giving peace of mind to all employees.

Recognizing the need for flexibility in healthcare, TimePlan Software offers intuitive features for shift trading, allowing staff to swap shifts with ease and in compliance with their roles and qualifications. Additionally, with our mobile-friendly interfaces, managers and team leads can approve shift changes, time-off requests, and other scheduling adjustments on the go, ensuring seamless operations and staff satisfaction.

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