Workforce Management for Retail Services

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Optimise retail staffing for compliance, balancing labour costs and efficiency.

Peak Staffing Performance Year-Round

Enhance staff performance year-round with TimePlan, the most secure solutions for high-level workforce management (WFM) in the retail industry. TimePlan systems seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring compliance and operational excellence.

Adaptive Staffing​

Optimise for all seasons

Time Management

Track staff efficienttly

Seamless Integration

Enterprise-level sync

Compliance Tools

Uphold high standards

TimePlan Helps Retailers Manage Every Shift Around the Clock

Optimise retail performance by efficiently managing time and navigating peak seasons.

Seasonal Adaptation

Adjust staffing levels during busy retail times and seasonal shifts. Enhance staff productivity on an hourly basis.

Navigate Absences

Effectively manage unexpected staff shortages, promptly find replacements, and analyse absence patterns.

Unify Operations

Streamline and synchronise processes across multiple outlets to deliver consistent customer experiences.

Compliance Check

Stay informed with real-time alerts for staffing and scheduling compliance risks, ensuring lawful operations.

"What we are particularly pleased about with TimePlan is the fact that the program is intuitive and that our employees understand it right away. TimePlan also has tremendous flexibility. You can run a single basic plan and create detailed wage budgets and reports."
Mads Stenger
COO & HR Manager - Power A/S

How Our WFM Software Works

Our WFM systems seamlessly manage staffing fluctuations during busy retail times and seasonal shifts. You can adjust staffing levels during high-traffic periods like holidays or promotions. By using predictive analytics, the systems help with future staffing requirements. This helps you strategically prepare and respond to seasonal changes, ensuring efficient workforce management.

Absolutely! Integration is a core aspect of our WFM design. Our systems smoothly integrate with a wide range of other systems, allowing for easy data interchange. This synergy provides you with real-time updates and valuable insights, enabling staffing decisions based on sales information and important indicators.

Ensuring compliance is a top priority with our WFM systems. Labour legislation evolves, and our software is regularly updated to reflect these changes in cooperation with our clients. In addition to meeting legal requirements, the systems offer flexible options to accommodate unique clauses from employee contracts. This ensures that scheduling, overtime calculations, and break timings align with both legal obligations and individual contractual terms. Automated prompts notify managers of any potential deviations, allowing for timely adjustments.

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