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Precision in staffing and resource allocation for exceptional leisure and entertainment experiences. 

Schedule Seasonal and Dynamic Employee Rosters

Looking to excel your leisure and entertainment services? With TimePlan Software, you can take your operations to the next level. Our software offers a range of modules to create flawless schedules and uphold team well-being. From roller coasters to concert halls, we’ve got you covered.

Accurate Time Logs

Track time accurately across sites

Role-Specific Tasks

Align skills to visitor needs

Geo-Staffing Insight

Know where everyone is, and when


Keep teams informed and agile

Managing Every Moment for Better Experiences

Our WFM software is designed to help you manage peak experiences and operational precision in large-scale operations.

Visitor-Flow Rostering

Develop staff schedules based on anticipated visitor numbers, ensuring you're rightly staffed.

Seasonal Sync

Adapt staffing with ease for seasonal leisure demands, enhancing visitor satisfaction.

Expert Alignment

Ensure staff are matched and timely positioned for a consistent, quality visitor experience.

Efficient Communication

Maintain a well-coordinated and informed employees with integrated communication features.

“We save a lot of administration costs by having a system that goes 360 degrees. Rosters, employment agreements, work hours and payroll are sensitive issues, and TimePlan and ProLøn keep track of it all.”
Michael B. Nielsen
Managing Director - Djurs Sommerland, Theme Park

Questions Answered:

TimePlan’s WFM systems are specifically designed to handle the dynamic nature of the Arts and Entertainment industry. It allows for real-time adjustments to staffing based on current and predicted peak hours. With our predictive analytics, the system can forecast staffing needs based on historical data, ensuring attractions are always staffed, whether it’s a regular day or a peak season.

Absolutely! TimePlan recognises the varied roles within the leisure sector. Our system allows for role-specific assignments, ensuring that each staff member is placed in a position that aligns with their training and expertise. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures visitors receive the best experience possible.

Effective communication is essential in the fast-paced leisure environment. TimePlan’s integrated communication tools ensure that teams remain connected and informed at all times. Whether it’s a sudden change in schedules or coordination for a special event, our system provides real-time updates and alerts, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring swift, coordinated responses.

Zero-gap Scheduling

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