TimePlan Implementation Step by Step

After choosing TimePlan, you’re on the path to a smoother workflow. Learn how to get started, tailor it for your team, and enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations.


Getting Started

You begin your journey by connecting with one of our expert consultants. We establish contact through initial meetings, setting the stage for a tailored approach to meet your unique workforce management needs. 

This phase is about understanding your vision and laying the groundwork for a successful partnership.

We start by gathering detailed data on your operational needs. This includes analysing working times, availability, break culture, holidays, leaves, sickness, and various employment types like part-time, flex time, and full-time. 

We also delve into your payroll processes and much more to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your unique requirements.


Analyse and Data Collection


Configuration and Setup

Our focus is on setting up a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs and knowledge. This stage is about reaching mutual agreements and understanding each other’s terminologies. 

We work with you to ensure the solution aligns perfectly with your business objectives, including help with setting up collective agreements for a compliant and comprehensive system. 

We provide a comfortable and secure framework for the implementation of your new system, emphasizing your ownership of the solution. 

Our consultant and implementation team comes to your location, or online, to provide hands-on training, ensuring you’re fully equipped to use the system effectively in real-time scenarios.


Implementation and Training


Testing and Adjusting

Post-implementation, we test and fine-tune the system. We understand that nuances and understandings may vary, so we’re committed to making necessary adjustments. 

Our support extends beyond the initial setup; we stay engaged and ready to assist, even as you take full ownership of your custom workforce management setup.

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