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TimePlan is a leading workforce management solution. The software is modular by design and ensures that the needs of your business are met precisely – nothing more, nothing less. TimePlan also ensures an effective and economical solution from scheduling to time registration with a seamless link to your nominated payroll system.

TimePlan is more than workforce management and saving costs

With TimePlan, we combine solid experience and proven software to provide a strong transformation towards best in class online workforce management.

TimePlan is the result of 25+ years of experience handling work hours and employment laws across more than 25 countries. From the outset, TimePlan has been developed in close collaboration with our customers, always addressing their needs and the local laws they operate within.


TimePlan brings your business together

TimePlan provides your employees, department managers, HR departments, wage departments, analysts, and controllers with structure and overview in their everyday lives.

Employees have online access to TimePlan through the Web App, where they have real time overview of their work schedules, holidays, accumulated work hours, etc. Also, employees can easily communicate about their schedule, absence, requested work hours, and other HR matters

A better workforce strategy for you organisation

A partnership with TimePlan Software is beneficial right from the first meeting. We are your expert and professional long-term partner. We empower you to create and manage your workforce, whilst achieving an identifiable return on investment.

TimePlan workforce management helps you cater for and retain your employees, optimize your scheduling, and predict outcomes with analytics and insights about your planning and workforce.

A single platform for all workforce management needs

TimePlan handles all your needs for efficient staff and employee management. Due to the modular setup and advanced settings, you can set up TimePlan precisely according to your needs.

Examples of TimePlan modules: Employee scheduling, absence management, time recording, wage budget, task management, export of wage data to payroll systems, etc.

Secure handling of staff personal data

Security and trustworthiness of data has the highest priority in TimePlan. That is a key reason why many multinational companies rely on TimePlan to handle the data of hundreds of thousands of employees.

TimePlan Software will follow all legal requirements laid down by the EU Parliament. Customers can rest assured that we will follow all the proposals to ensure that the storing, and handling of sensitive personal data is done in a proper and responsible manner.

Management of complex agreements

Denmark has been driven by complex union agreements for many decades to secure the rights of employees and to keep employees happy. 

With Denmark as a springboard, TimePlan has the ideel foundation to manage the most complex employment rules and laws around the world. Many of our customers use TimePlan across countries, and TimePlan is set up to comply with local rules and collective agreements

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