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Explore diverse solutions for tailored Workforce Management, designed to help you find the best fit for your unique business needs.

Finding Your Ideal Solution

Discover a diverse range of specialised Workforce Management tools, all accessible from a single trusted provider. Each of our sister companies focuses on specific features, tailored to meet unique business needs. We understand that sometimes the best solution for your company may come from one of our partners, and we're here to help you find the perfect fit.

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Timegrip offers a web-based staffing solution designed to make life easier for department and store managers. Unlike TimePlan, which caters to larger businesses and enterprises, Timegrip is ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses. The service provides managers with proactive control over personnel costs, preventing staffing issues before they occur.

To find out how Timegrip can better suit your SMB staffing needs, visit their website.

TimePlan apps and communication tools


TimeMap is a Danish workforce management software company founded in 2006 by Thomas Dunk. With more than 15 years of experience and +50.000 daily users across 19 different countries, TimeMap is one of Denmark’s leading time registration systems. The organization consists of 9 employees located in Nivå, Denmark.

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TimePlan and Timegrip join forces with the support of Main Capital

TimePlan, a Danish company backed by Main Capital Partners (“Main”), is on a growth journey towards becoming a leading European Workforce Management provider. The company has seen strong growth in recent years and has demonstrated a successful track record in leveraging technology to drive operational efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

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