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About Us

At TimePlan Software, we’ve spent nearly three decades focusing on Workforce Management (WFM) innovation, always with the goal of respecting and valuing your time. For us, it’s about more than just optimizing productivity and efficiency; it’s about understanding and supporting the unique needs of businesses and their employees. 

Our approach has always been about listening first—creating pioneering solutions that are informed by our customers’ experiences and challenges. We believe in a customer-first mindset, striving to make a real difference in the way businesses manage and appreciate the time of their workforce.


Assurance of proper handling for agreed-upon contracts.


Enhanced clarity, confidence, and extra time/margin in daily life.


An intuitive, flexible, dynamic, and integrated solution.

Our Vision

In the heart of the service industry, where every moment and personal interaction counts, TimePlan Software envisions a future where ‘respecting your time’ becomes the cornerstone of every workplace. Our dream is to forge environments that not only value efficiency and productivity but also champion the working rights and dignity of every individual, from employer to employee.

We see a world where the service industry leads by example, showing that hands-on, attentive management and operations can coexist with respect for personal time and well-being. It’s a future where businesses thrive by ensuring their teams do too, where the rights of workers are held in high regard, and where every task, every service, and every moment spent working is valued and respected.


With JYSK in Europe: TimePlan is an important tool

For the past 20 years, the Danish retail chain JYSK has partnered with TimePlan in 19 European countries. Henrik Naundrup and Keld Marott have led the journey and explain why TimePlan is an important tool in JYSK’s international expansion.   It all began with Henrik Naundrup. In 1998, he worked

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Julie from Netto: TimePlan is like a family

Julie Thomasen is not only the TimePlan coordinator for the supermarket chain Netto for the fifth year in a row, but she is also part of the special unity that grows between TimePlan Software employees and TimePlan customers who work together to ensure that the software runs smoothly for all

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Data is gold for Nordic hotels

“As you grow, accurate data becomes paramount,” says Jørgen Holst, responsible for TimePlan at Nordic Choice Hotels. He is currently working on two IT projects across the chain’s 200 hotels in the Nordic countries, where TimePlan plays a crucial role in data collection, system integration, and performance management. “One of my

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Granngården holds TimePlan workshops for store managers

The store managers at the Swedish retail chain Granngården need to be even better at using TimePlan. This is why HR Manager Maria Pressing and Regional Sales Manager Mona Jansén have just held the first workshops on how TimePlan can provide a better overview and free up time to focus

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Aleris Hamlet saves time in hospital management

“With TimePlan, we can always backtrack to see what our nurses have received in terms of allowances, absence, vacation, sickness, and reimbursement. We save time every day and have the entire history, with all data stored in one place.” These are the words of Lillian Moberg Pedersen, Accounting Assistant at Aleris

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