Apps and Communcation

Enhancing team dynamics with apps and communication tools.

TimePlan apps and communication
TimePlan apps and communication tools
TimePlan apps and communication tools
TimePlan apps and communication tools
TimePlan apps and communication tools

Enhancing Team Dynamics with Apps and Communication Tools

Leveraging Workforce Management (WFM) tools can significantly improve internal communication and apps efficiency. These advancements foster a collaborative environment, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.

Streamline communication with TimePlan

With our app, you can easily view time tracking, give employees easy access to rosters, and much more: 

  • Punch in and out of work in-app
  • Managers can approve shift changes
  • Real-time updated shifts and schedules
  • Send messages and alert with notifications
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Streamlining Processes with WFM

Our WFM tools integrate time tracking apps, enhancing communication and operational efficiency, ensuring precise time management and improved collaboration.

Real-Time Updates

Seamless integration of communication tools in WFM apps ensures that all team members receive updates instantly, facilitating a dynamic work environment.

Instant Notifications

WFM apps offer instant notifications on roster changes, ensuring all employees are promptly informed about their schedules, reducing confusion and enhancing adaptability.

Enhanced Accessibility

With cloud-based WFM solutions, access to communication and app features is essential, allowing teams to stay connected and productive from anywhere.

Automated Workflows

WFM tools automate routine tasks and streamline communication flows, reducing manual effort, improving accuracy, and allowing teams to focus on their work.

Change of Scandinavia brings TimePlan across international borders

“We use a particular app, which integrates with TimePlan too – so whenever we add a new employee in TimePlan, they’re automatically added in the app as well. This is one of the elements we see as an advantage, as we can have the same system across all markets.”

Why TimePlan Software?

Utilise our extensive experience spanning more than 25 years in workforce management and legal adherence, guaranteeing your company complies with labour regulations while effectively handling employee interactions.

Dynamic and Tailored Solutions

Our comprehensive range of WFM tools, including advanced communication and app functionalities, is crafted to support businesses of all sizes. With TimePlan Software, streamline your workforce management and daily tasks, improving productivity and flexibility.

Customised Solutions with Variable Pricing

Our expertise lies in delivering WFM solutions that are not only customizable but also come with scalable pricing models. By recognizing the distinct challenges and goals of your business, we ensure that our workforce management tools are precisely aligned with your unique requirements.

Dependable Partnership for Growth

TimePlan Software is built on a robust foundation of unwavering support and expert guidance. We are committed to furnishing your business with steadfast WFM solutions, enriched with comprehensive communication tools, to assist in every phase of your growth, backed by unparalleled support.

Your Questions Answered:

Absolutely, our Workforce Management (WFM) applications are available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. This ensures that both Android and iOS users can easily access our app on their mobile devices, facilitating seamless communication, efficient scheduling, and instant notification functionalities on-the-go. Our presence on these platforms makes it convenient for users to stay updated with the latest features and enhancements through regular updates.

Our WFM apps enhance employee engagement and satisfaction by offering a user-friendly interface, personalized scheduling options, and easy access to shift swaps and time-off requests. By empowering employees with tools for better work-life balance and transparent communication, we boost morale and foster a positive workplace culture. Additionally, our app includes features for recognition and feedback, allowing managers and peers to acknowledge each other’s contributions, further enhancing engagement and satisfaction levels.

By aligning work schedules and duty rosters according to current notification rules and collective agreements, our software ensures that both the business and its employees are safeguarded, reducing the risk of legal conflicts and fostering a trustworthy work environment from employer to employee.