What is Workforce Management?

Welcome to the next level of workforce management. TimePlan WFM brings together all aspects of workforce planning, from scheduling and time tracking to legal compliance and data protection. Discover a world where operations are elevated.



Streamlining Your Day-to-Day Operations with Care and Precision

With TimePlan WFM, managing day-to-day operations becomes effortless. Our intuitive scheduling tool ensures optimal staff allocation. Time tracking has never been easier, providing real-time insights into workforce productivity. Our comprehensive WFM systems streamline workflows, while our absence and holiday management tools keep you ahead of scheduling challenges. Plus, our advanced HR administration capabilities simplify your administrative tasks, saving you time and resources.



Navigate Legal Compliance with Confidence and Avoid Fines

Stay ahead of legal requirements with TimePlan WFM. Our system is designed to ensure full compliance with labour laws, offering streamlined documentation processes, contract management, and adherence to collective agreements. With digital signature capabilities and detailed work regulations guidance, TimePlan WFM is your partner in legal compliance.



Data Security and Privacy Management For You and Your Employees

In an era where data security is essential, TimePlan WFM offers robust protection for your sensitive information. Our platform is built with the latest in data security and privacy management technologies, including compliance warnings and access control features. Fully GDPR compliant, we ensure your data is protected at every level.



Seamless Integration to Other Systems for Enhanced Efficiency

TimePlan WFM seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Our API connectivity allows for easy integration with payroll, ERP, POS, and SMS systems. The modularity of our platform means it can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business, ensuring a smooth and cohesive operational flow.



Benefit from 25 Years of Expertise in Implementation and Support

Our commitment to your success goes beyond software. TimePlan WFM offers comprehensive implementation support, ensuring a smooth transition. Our education and consultancy services are designed to maximize your team’s proficiency with our system. With ongoing support and regular updates, we are constantly innovating to meet your evolving needs.