Streamline your HR function with the integration between 2people and TimePlan



Employee Retention

With the integration between TimePlan and 2people, you can streamline the entire employee journey from recruitment, contracting and onboarding to shift planning and time recording.

Secure and effective recruitment

Secure and Effective Recruitment

Leave and holiday management

Automated onboarding processes

Training and Retention of Employees

Direct out-of-the-box API integration

2people is a Danish developed HR system that consists of up to 15 different modules, but you just choose the ones you need, and also only pay for the modules you use. You can change modules at any time, or use more or fewer. Based in Aarhus, 2people services over 50 Danish and international companies.

  • Automation and streamlining of HR work
  • Employee master data and contracts
  • Employer branding, recruitment, onboarding
  • Dialogues, MUS, APV, well-being surveys
  • Management of qualifications and certificates
Companies that use 2people and TimePlan:
timeplan workforce management calendar

Automating and Streamlining HR Work

timeplan workforce management protection

Employee Records and Contracts

timeplan workforce management protection

Employer Branding, Recruitment, Onboarding

timeplan workforce management protection

Dialogues, Performance Reviews, Workplace Assessments, Employee Satisfaction Surveys

timeplan workforce management collective agreements

Management of Qualifications and Certifications

Cloud-based system for HR and recruitment

2people’s HR system is the most important tool for HR departments in their daily HR and recruitment work. The quality of HR work and the experience employees have is significantly improved, and there is a much simpler approach to HR tasks. Customers who use 2people integrated with TimePlan, therefore, see their working time spent on more value-creating tasks, which develop employees and, consequently, the business.