Timeline: TimePlan from 1995-2022

Today, TimePlan makes the workday easier and more efficient for an array of international companies across more than 25 countries. The Workforce Management Software product is used in various industries for Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance and HR – administration.

At TimePlan Software we are proud of the success and progress that TimePlan has had throughout the years. We are sure that the positive development is the result of great craftsmanship combined with the many inputs we receive from our customers. Together, we have developed TimePlan. We have a great deal of respect for time. Thus, we have put together this timeline with highlights and milestones throughout the years.

TimePlan – From 1995-2022

TimePlan Software was founded in Denmark in 1990 by Henrik Baasch, who is still the chairman of the board. Henrik was CEO until August 2019, when Rex A. Clausager was appointed as the new CEO. Rex is surrounded by passionate employees and distributors in seven countries, many of whom have been with the company for several years. A lot has happened throughout the years. Below, you can dive into some of the milestones of TimePlan.

1995: TimePlan is born

Preben Bjerregaard, Director of Inspiration (Danish newsletter red.) in Aalborg contacts Henrik Baasch at Erhvervsservice Nord.

The first version of TimePlan Retail was launched on a floppy disk by Henrik Baasch in collaboration with trade unions, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and leading retail businesses.

1998-2000: The development of TimePlan attracts well-known customers

In 1998 TimePlan 32 was launched on a CD-ROM. The new and exciting development attracts big customers. IKEA Denmark became a customer in 1998 – quickly followed by SILVAN who became a customer in 1999 and Netto who became a customer in 2000.

2001-2003: The focus on customer needs is increased

In 2001 the first ERFA group, ERFA Retail 1, was established. ERFA Retail 1´s purpose was – and is – to listen more to the needs of customers.

In 2003 the first edition of the customer magazine Time and Resources was published.

2006-2009: TimePlan expands internationally

2006 was the year when TimePlan broke through to the international market. This was partly due to JYSK expanding with TimePlan into a series of European countries in several languages.

The international expansion continued and in 2008 PA Kompetens became the TimePlan reseller in Sweden. At the same time, TimePlan Software was awarded Gazelle business* in Børsen for the first time. In 2009 Fazer Food Services in Finland became a TimePlan customer.

*Gazelle is an award given to companies experiencing rapid growth 

2010-2012: The program receives a brush-up that fits the development

In 2010 the first employee at TimePlan Software celebrated his 10-year anniversary: Kenn Sandbeck.

The following year – 2011 – Datatjenesten became a TimePlan reseller in Norway.

In 2011 it was also time for a brush-up of TimePlan. TimePlan 6.0 was launched, and the program went from a file-based database to an SQL-database server.

In 2012 TimePlan got its own mascot, The Time Elf. The Time Elf is a figure in raku-burned ceramics that was developed in collaboration with ceramic artist Lena Brammer Klokmose.

2013-2014: New name, new markets, and new customers

2013 was an eventful year. Simplex changed its name to TimePlan Software A/S. Furthermore, TimePlan Software GmbH was founded in Germany.

2013 was also a year of customer growth. MediaMarket in Holland became a TimePlan customer. As did Nordic Choice Hotels.

The customer growth from Holland and Finland led to the launch of subsidiaries in both countries.

2014-2017: Internal development and glory

In 2014 TimePlan Software was awarded Bisnodes AAA Gold rating for the highest creditworthiness 10 years in a row.

In 2016 TimePlan version 7.0 was released with the Web App, Digital Signature and Autoplan. At the same time, a new logo was developed along with a new visual identity. The iconic T (trademark) sees the light of the day.

In 2017 TimePlan received another pat on the shoulder. TimePlan is number 17 on Computer World’s overall TOP 100-list and number 7 on the software list.

2019: A new CEO is assigned

In 2019 Henrik Baasch decided to assign the post of CEO to Rex. A. Clausager. A decision was made with a wish of, among others, continuing the rapid growth of TimePlan. Henrik Baasch continues as chairman of the board.

»I realised that it was necessary for the future of the company that I was not the one at the steering wheel anymore” – Henrik Baasch said regarding the decision (read the full interview). «

2019 was also the year that Merlin Entertainments became a customer. Right away they implemented TimePlan at LEGOLAND Windsor.

2020: TimePlan Software turns 25

2020 was the year when TimePlan Software celebrated its 25 years anniversary. The same day, Computerworld announced that TimePlan is number 1 on the software list, on Computer World´s TOP 100-list – and number 7 on the overall list.

2022-: New TimePlan-App

2022 was kicked off with the launch of a new TimePlan App with highly requested functions. For the first time, TimePlan has an app version that can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play. This allows customers to utilize requested functions such as calendar synchronization and notifications.

»A BIG THANK YOU to past and current employees for their efforts. You are the ones who have created our history and the fertile soil for TimePlan´s further development. «

Henrik Baasch
Founder and Chairman of the Board
TimePlan Software

TimePlan now and in the future

Today, companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan. Many of TimePlan Software’s customers are multinational businesses with thousands of employees in the service industry, including retail, hotels, airports, amusement parks, catering, transportation, and industrial services. TimePlan also handles enterprise customers with 10-50 employees.

Rex A. Clausager and his international team continue to deliver software made in Denmark from the head offices in Aalborg, Denmark, and through a combination of local offices and partners. TimePlan Software’s employees and distributors help to schedule more than 200.000+ employees for customers every day.

»Together with my talented colleagues, we want to ensure that TimePlan will continue to help our customers and combines the common sense of the past with the ideas of the future. «

Rex A. Clausager
TimePlan Software

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