Are you on top of spring holidays and planning your work hours?

Spring Holliday

Spring is here and it’s full of holidays. For many companies, the questions soon begin to arise: Do my employees have the right to take time off on public holidays? What payment are they entitled to if they take time off or work during Easter or Pentecost? What should I take into account when I schedule their work hours? TimePlan can help you keep track of all of this when you set up the collective agreements in the program.


According to Danish work regulations and regulations in other parts of Europe, the general rule is that a public holiday is a working day. The individual employee must thus work in the usual way on public holidays and is not, as a rule, entitled to absence, paid leave or separate payment for shifts on public holidays.

Thus, the right to take leave on public holidays is not regulated by law, but can, however, be stated in collective agreements, individual agreements, personnel policies, etc. All this is important to be aware of when you plan and manage your workforce.


Calculate allowances and keep track of absence

When you schedule your employees and record their work hours in TimePlan, you can set up the programme to automatically keep track of collective agreements, including the rules around holidays.

You can set up collective agreements and local rules in your installation, so TimePlan automatically notifies you during your planning if you are breaking a rule. TimePlan automatically calculates allowances for your employees when they work on holidays, work overtime and also keeps track of absences.

With TimePlan you can keep track of:

– Holidays
– Absences
– Time off in lieu

If no right of absence or payment on holidays is taken into account in your agreements, personnel policies or individual agreements, the individual employees will, as a rule, not be entitled to absence or paid freedom.

However, the starting point can be deviated from, and in this case, this will be stated in the collective agreements.

Want to know more about the rules for holidays in the Danish retail agreement, the free choice agreement and the hotel agreement?

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