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Online Overview of Employee Schedules

Save Wage Costs and Work Hours

TimePlan is a Windows based system with the option to add-on the Web App module.

TimePlan provides you with an overview and empowers optimization when planning shifts, rotations, work hours, tasks, absence, and more. TimePlan also adheres to all local employment laws and agreements.

Customers across different industries and 23 countries enjoy TimePlan for scheduling of employees. The program enables fast and correct decisions.


The Autoplan module automates the detailed planning process.


TimePlan warns you if collective agreements and local rules are not adhered to.


TimePlan gives you an updated overview of staffing. You avoid under and over staffing.


TimePlan has a clear and intuitive user interface, which optimises the planning process.

Workforce Analytics

In addition to detailed planning of employees, you can analyse your workforce with different key performance indicators. This way you know you stay within the department budget and the goals of your business.

You can even simulate manning needs to calculate needed manpower per task or job function per day.

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Companies in 25 countries use TimePlan

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