TimePlan’s Christmas Presents to SOS Children’s Villages

TimePlan Software’s CEO Henrik Baasch visited the SOS Children Village Bakoteh in Gambia in 2008.

In keeping with tradition, TimePlan Software’s customer Christmas presents go to the SOS Children’s Villages again this year. This has been a lovely tradition since 2001, when CEO Henrik Baasch started sending SOS Children Villages Christmas cards to TimePlan Software’s customers.


“In 2004, we came up with the idea of replacing customer Christmas presents with sponsorships to the SOS Children’s Villages, because we felt it was such a great cause, and we’ve continued to do so since,” says Kis Flindt from the TimePlan Software office in Aalborg.


Visit to Gambia
In 2008, Kis Flindt and Henrik Baasch visited the SOS Children Village Bakoteh in Gambia. They met 120 orphan children who lived in houses with ten children each and their SOS mother.
“All the kids were happy and smiling, and they receive education from the age of six,” Henrik Baasch wrote in his column in TimePlan Software’s customer magazine.
The children typically arrive at an SOS village from a nearby hospital or are dropped off outside the gate.


A big difference
TimePlan Software supports the main organization, the SOS Children’s Villages. Private individuals typically support a single child through the so-called “SOS sponsor a child”.
When we wrote to our contact person Eva Leth Laursen at SOS Denmark regarding a new photo for this story (see below), she responded:
“Thank you so much for the generous support TimePlan Software has provided to the SOS Children’s Villages over the years. We are very pleased that TimePlan Software is supporting our work for vulnerable and orphan children again this year. You are making a big difference!”

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