2022’s Christmas gifts goes to Ønskeland and SOS Børnebyerne


The greatest gifts are those that make a difference

At TimePlan, it is a tradition that we donate Christmas presents to a charity. This year, we have decided that we are donating to:

For the past few years, these are the two charities that have gotten our continuous support – and this year it is no different. Both of these charities focus on helping vulnerable children – at home and abroad. Therefore, TimePlan gladly supports these initiatives.


Similar to TimePlan, Ønskeland is based in northern Jutland. Therefore, we wish to be able to support a local charity that creates stays and experiences for chronically ill children and their families. The stays, which they offer on Øland by Brovst, offer an opportunity for the children and their families to step away from the illness for a moment, creating room for intimacy and a cosy time.

We at TimePlan software are happy to be able to help support this heartwarming cause. In addition to a financial donation, we also contribute a TimePlan solution so that Ønskeland’s employees can plan shifts and register working hours in an easy and clear way through our system.

SOS Children’s Villages

Not everybody has the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas present under a Christmas tree, which is why TimePlan supports SOS Children’s Village’s efforts to fulfil the wishes of vulnerable children. Every day, this charity strives to ensure that more than 80,000 children and young people – in more than 130 countries – have a safe upbringing and a loving childhood with:

  • Care from adults
  • Educational opportunities and schooling
  • Medical assistance and medicine
  • Children’s villages and youth centers

This would not be possible for the SOS Children’s Villages without donations, which is why we at TimePlan are pleased to be able to help in this effort. As a customer, you can be too, as your Christmas present is donated to theirs and Ønskeland’s charitable purposes.

Several years of support

SOS Children’s Villages has received a fixed donation from us since we sent out SOS-Christmas cars to our customers for the first time in 2001. Since then, we have stuck to this, and in 2004, we turned this into a sponsorship, and subsequently, it has become a part of our customer’s Christmas presents.

This particular charity has a big place in TimePlan’s heart, as our founder and board member, Henrik Baasch, visited one of the SOS villages in The Gambia in 2008 alongside his partner, Kis Flindt. It made a big impression to experience the significance of the donation up close, to which he expressed:

“We want to support the children’s schools and towns so that they have a safe and pleasant upbringing. In the cities, the children have an SOS mother who takes care of them, and they receive an education”, says Henrik Baasch.

We are therefore happy to still be able to donate to such an enriching organization, which helps children and young people in vulnerable countries.

Here is how you can support the charities:


At TimePlan, we hope that everyone at Ønskebørn and SOS Children’s Villages has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In addition, we also want to send a Christmas greeting to our customers and say a big THANK YOU because you support us in our endeavor to support others.

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