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XL-Centerbyg Odense A/S introduced the TimePlan time registration system at the end of 2018. The management already expects significant time savings when future work plans are created and wages are run. At the same time, sources of error are minimised to the satisfaction of both managers and employees.


Like many others in the construction products industry, the management at XL-Centerbyg in Odense, Denmark has over the years handled the company’s work schedules, time off in lieu accounts and holiday accounts in an advanced Excel sheet. It worked fine, but the manual handling of data is not just time-consuming for the parties involved. The many sources of error are also noticeable.


Digitization reduces sources of error

“It goes without saying that every time a change in the working hours, holidays or other things has to be manually typed, there is a risk of errors and misunderstandings,” says Chief Accountant Leif H. Jensen, XL-Centerbyg. But it is not just the wish to minimise sources of error which has led XL-Centerbyg to introduce TimePlan, he says.

“First of all, with TimePlan we get all the data about work time, overtime, time off in lieu, holiday, etc. into one place. It generally provides a more efficient and agile management process than before, when this data was located in different places. In addition, the processing of data in connection with the preparation of the payroll can be done directly in TimePlan, from which we are able to send a file directly to our payroll system in the future. Double data entry, which we have seen in the past, thereby disappears, which is a noticeable and efficient difference,” emphasises Leif H. Jensen.


Built-in warnings in the planning phase

Construction Products Manager Kim Thomsen agrees with the praise of TimePlan. He also points out that the system helps in other areas.

“TimePlan lights a ‘warning light’ if, for example, an employee’s work schedule does not meet the required 592 hours. At the same time, the system can display graphs indicating if a department is overstaffed or understaffed for a period or how much the payroll has been for a period of time. This means that in the long term, we will be able to secure even more profitable staffing of the business during business hours, as well as around special promotions and holidays,” says Kim Thomsen.

According to the Construction Products Manager, TimePlan also automatically ensures focus on the collective agreements.

“When all collective agreements are entered into TimePlan, the system comes up with reminders, if for example, a work plan or time off in lieu does not comply with applicable regulations. This means that the management no longer has to spend time ensuring that the rules are strictly adhered to,” he points out.


Quick overview of the app

So far, only the Chief Accountant and the Construction Products Manager work in TimePlan. But in the future, it is intended that the staff responsible for closing the stores at night should have access to update the work schedule before leaving home in the evening.

“When we get this feature implemented, it means that the manager enters the data while it’s still fresh in his or her memory. The employee can access the TimePlan app on the bus on the way home from work and check if she has been noted for the correct working time. This way, we quickly find out if there are errors in the registration,” emphasises Leif H. Jensen.

Kim Thomsen agrees, and at the same time adds that the employees are very pleased that they can retrieve an overview of their work time, holiday balance, vacation days and time off in lieu in one place at any time.

“One employee has even started to request vacation directly through the app. It’s smart, but still something I have to get used to,” the Construction Products Manager smiles.


The effective process provided a quick start-up

When XL-Centerbyg’s management signed a contract with the Chain Office to get added to TimePlan, the Chief Accountant received a manual for the implementation of the system.

“The manual has been a very effective tool in the process. It describes the tasks that must be solved before, during and after the implementation process,” Leif H. Jensen states.

In addition, the Chief Accountant is also very pleased with the help he has received from the Chain Office’s TimePlan expert.

“The HR staff member has taken over my screen several times via TeamViewer and taught me in our own IT environment. So even though we have been sitting respectively in Odense and Aarhus, the teaching has been specifically targeted to my needs and wishes. In fact, I find it difficult to spot any disadvantages of the TimePlan system and the implementation process,” concludes Leif H. Jensen.

When the system is fully implemented, XL-Centerbyg Odense A/S will have approx. 30 employees in TimePlan.

By Liselotte Christensen, XL-BYG.


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