Rush saves costs with time recording in TimePlan

Time Recording in Timeplan

When Karen Andresen became the CEO of Rush Denmark, she introduced TimePlan because online time registration is an essential tool for keeping track of the trampoline park’s 60 employees. During TimePlan Software’s visit to Rush in Aarhus, we enjoyed a performance on the trampolines and got the story of how TimePlan helps Karen Andresen and her team in the different departments.


It’s a windy morning on Søren Nymarks Vej south of Aarhus, Denmark. TimePlan Software’s two-man camera crew stands in front of a warehouse with a blue and red “Rush” sign across the entrance. We quickly film the sign in case we need it for the customer video we are here to shoot.

In the reception area, we are greeted by two smiling young women, a cafe area and 1,700 m2 contiguous trampolines in blue, red, green and pink.

Rush Denmark’s CEO Karen Andresen and operations manager Maria Diedrichsen are dressed in colourful lycra clothes, piled-up hair and sports shoes. They show us around the halls with wooden ceilings and trampolines and tell us how Rush uses the Shift Planning module in TimePlan to plan which employees are going to work at the reception, on the courts, in the cafe and in the party department.


Lots of money to save

TimePlan was one of the first tools Karen Andresen brought in when she was hired as the CEO of Rush Denmark prior to the grand opening in 2016. She knew about TimePlan’s modules for Shift Planning, Time & Attendance, and HR administration from his previous job at the Salling department store and could not imagine launching Rush without TimePlan.

“To me, it is important that we have an online time registration system because we are 60 employees and that is very important to keep track of – both in terms of personal information, but also in terms of time recording,” says Karen Andresen.

“There is a lot of money to save when the planning and time recording is done right.”


Easy for employees and management

“TimePlan is incredibly easy to access for employees and management,” says Maria Diedrichsen, showing us the TimePlan sign-in terminals where employees stamp in and out of their shifts. TimePlan records accurate work hours and collects data for payroll services at the end of the month. TimePlan also takes into account all collective agreements and relevant allowances for evening and weekend shifts.

“TimePlan makes it all very easy for our payroll bookkeeper,” says Maria Diedrichsen.


Schedule on mobiles and tablets

“Our employees can see their schedule in the TimePlans Web App on their mobile phones and tablets wherever they are,” explains Karen Andresen, as we interview her in front of the camera at one of the biggest trampolines.

“Our employees also use TimePlan to release their shifts and to see who they are going to work with on Saturday. They can also keep track of how many hours they have and sign up for available shifts,” adds Karen Andresen before she and Maria Diedrichsen jump on the trampolines to compete in the disciplines “Jump as high as you can” and “Overturn your opponent with a soft weapon”.

See Karen and Maria’s artistic jumps in the video about Rush.

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