Respecting your time – TimePlan anniversary book

TimePlan aniversary book

In 2020, it’s been 25 years since we launched the first version of TimePlan.

We celebrate this milestone by publishing the anniversary book “Respecting your time – 25 years with TimePlan”.

In the book you will meet TimePlan’s customers, employees and partners. They share their stories about time, technology, managing people, business, and changes the past 25 years.

Order your copy of the book today in English or Danish, as a hardcover book or e-book.

The book will be officially launched at TimePlan’s 25th anniversary reception Friday, 25 September 2020 at our head offices in Aalborg, Denmark.


TimePlan book


About the book

TimePlan is an innovative software solution for Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and HR Administration.

More than 700 companies in over 25 countries use TimePlan, saving work hours and wage costs every day.

The first version of TimePlan was launched in Denmark in 1995 by founder Henrik Baasch in close collaboration with unions, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and leading retail businesses.

Today, many of TimePlan’s customers are large international companies in retail, hotel and catering, leisure, transport, pro- duction, care, finance, industry and service.

This book celebrates the first 25 years with TimePlan, paying tribute to the people behind delivering the solution to where we see it today: Customers, employees and partners.



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