Perhaps the biggest news in TimePlan’s history

TimePlan consultant Henrik B. Larsen (on the right) proudly presents Autoplan as a part of the TimePlan 7 launch.


What makes Autoplan so revolutionary? How is automatic shift planning possible in TimePlan? TimePlan consultant Henrik B. Larsen explains why Autoplan is in such high demand with TimePlan’s customers all over the European market.


“Autoplan takes the human factor out of workforce planning. It’s a little robotic, but that is where the market is heading,” says Henrik B. Larsen.
He points out that many major TimePlan customers have a dedicated staff planner hired to do rosters centrally from their headquarters. This employee can now enter data in TimePlan and let Autoplan do the work of coming up with a roster.
“The staff planner still has full control over the roster and can manually change it. But TimePlan makes the first version, which saves a lot of time,” says Henrik B. Larsen.


What data does Autoplan need?
In order to generate a roster via the Autoplan module, TimePlan has to know how many employees should be at work at which location during what days and at what hours. Next, the staff planner can enter the number of full-time and part-time employees, their rank, and who has requested time off and when.
“Based on this data, Autoplan generates a proposal for a roster including a list of available shifts. These shifts can then be released to hourly-paid employees via the TimePlan Web App,” says Henrik B. Larsen.
Autoplan prioritizes full-time and part-time employees first and sees to it that collective agreements are adhered to and that all counters are green – just like TimePlan has always done.


Following the trend
“We have created Autoplan because our customers have requested the function and to follow the market trend. Customers who would like to continue with manual work scheduling can

do that. Those who would like an optimal proposal for a roster, where only a few adjustments might be needed, will benefit greatly from Autoplan,” says Henrik B. Larsen.

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