Optimize your HR Workflow with TimePlan HR Total powered by 2people

TimePlan Software’s integration partner, 2people, is a company that offers HR systems for businesses of all sizes. The company is Danish-owned and specializes in HR software and recruitment solutions that provide its users with an efficient platform that delivers excellent administration of HR processes.


Effective and flexible HR-solutions

Their HR solution is a system that is customized to your company’s needs, as you can either use their pre-determined templates or personalize them according to your requirements. This makes HR work easier and uncomplicated, as the system adapts to your company, and not the other way around.

2people’s system is designed by HR employees for HR employees. Therefore, they focus on tailored solutions that adapt to companies rather than being a system that your employees must adapt to, which results in the daily operations in the HR department running smoothly.

The package solution between TimePlan and 2people provides the following essential data in addition to TimePlan’s shift planning and time registration, as well as collective agreement rules:

  • Job postings and recruitment
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Employee development, courses, and competency management
  • Offboarding and new job postings

The combination of these also provides the possibility to comply with all rules for documentation, including GDPR regulations.


Common goals and visions

Adapting to companies is a common goal for both 2people and TimePlan, as we want to assist other companies in effectively acquiring data about their employees. The collaboration between 2people and TimePlan Software has resulted in an integration of 2people’s solutions into TimePlan’s software program. This means that companies can now use 2people’s software to recruit employees and manage HR processes while using TimePlan to plan employees’ shifts and record their time.

Furthermore, one can obtain and incorporate their data from TimePlan into 2people’s platform, as they communicate with each other. The integration of the two software solutions also means that data can be transferred efficiently between the two platforms. Therefore, employee data can be synchronized across both platforms, which makes it easier for companies to keep track of their employees’ information, development, courses, and competencies. The result is an optimized and streamlined overview of employee data that saves time and reduces the potential for human error.

About the collaboration, TimePlan’s CEO, Rex A. Clausager, pinpoints:

The collaboration will help our customers increase the likelihood of a successful recruitment, further strengthen employee retention, and ensure that employees continue to receive the training, education, and development necessary for both themselves and the company. By using employee recruitment tools to hire the right people for the job and ensure that they fit well with the company culture, businesses can reduce turnover and improve the quality of their workforce. By using workforce management tools to optimize planning and distribution of workloads, businesses can help reduce employee workload. This can result in happier and more engaged employees who can better focus on providing excellent customer service. Companies need to prioritize the employee experience and invest in initiatives that support employee well-being and professional development.

He also mentions that the key factor is that the partnership from TimePlan’s side should help 2people develop their business:

The partnership should ensure that 2people continually follows developments within personnel recruitment and development. This can include considerations for soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. TimePlan should ensure that both legislation and labor market rules are handled automatically without manual processes – and further involve AI as an assistance for scheduling.”

Daniel Jill Sørensen, CEO of 2people, expresses the following about the collaboration:

The collaboration between 2people and TimePlan strengthens the overall offering that we are able to present to existing and future customers. It positions us as a more complete product that covers a larger part of the administrative aspect of managing employees in a company – from recruitment, time registration, and scheduling to employee development and off-boarding.

About the integration between 2people and TimePlan, which becomes TimePlan HR, Daniel explains:

It allows TimePlan’s customers to work productively and GDPR-compliantly with their employees from the moment they are recruited until they leave. The integration allows employee-data to flow freely between TimePlan HR and the original TimePlan. Therefore, data only needs to be updated in one place. It reduces the administrative burden, professionalizes workflows, and minimizes errors.

Change is the only constant when working with people. Therefore, 2people and TimePlan work every day to further develop their platforms so that they best support customers in their reality. The collaboration between 2people and TimePlan offers customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ when it comes to workforce management. Time registration and scheduling are closely related to HR, and therefore, it provides customers with significant synergies to integrate and exchange data on platforms for this purpose. Customers achieve more efficient employee administration, save time and money, and minimize errors in daily administration.


Streamlined work processes

Additionally, it is noteworthy that both software solutions are user-friendly, easily accessible, and easy to implement. Both 2people and TimePlan Software have a strong focus on customer support, making it easy for companies to get help if they need it.

The combination of TimePlan and 2people provides a much more streamlined and comprehensive solution for managing HR processes and employee data, as it becomes possible to manage recruitment and employee development while also gaining an overview of employee time registration and shift scheduling. With the new integration, companies can now benefit from the expertise of both companies and achieve a more efficient and user-friendly work process.

A webinar will be held in the near future regarding 2people and TimePlan’s collaboration with a focus on optimizing HR administration.

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