Holiday greeting 2021 – From CEO, Rex A. Clausager

Dear customers, friends, and partners  First and foremost, thank you for the collaboration and your trust in TimePlan in 2021. Last year our biggest wish, in our Christmas greeting, was that the word “corona” would be a relic from the past. We are not quite there yet. Luckily other tasks and experiences have had the opportunity to overshadow the challenges we have shared doing corona.


The future will be characterized as “business as unusual”

The level of activity went in the right direction for our customers in the hotel- and restaurant industrytheme park industry, and airports. With the increasing level of activity came an extensive labor shortage. Creativitymorale, and hard work showed how these industries tackled the problems. The retail industry was struggling to find the needed labor as well. In general, we are in a time where buying behavior, technology, globalization, and others are fundamentally changing. This means that “business as usual” is a concept that belongs to the past. The future will be characterized as “business as unusual”.

We have for a long time been preparing for the new Danish holidays act, and we have been able to implement it in our solution. Even with persistent preparatory work and structured efforts, it has been impossible to prepare for some unforeseen surprises, but we are working hard to correct these so you, as our customer, can be free of any worries they may have caused.


Inspired by our customers

We are very lucky that we, on an ongoing basis, receive ideas and suggestions from our customers regarding possible improvements and wishes for our solution. It is of high priority for us to resolve this list of tasks.

We are now able to present the first functionality for department managers, bosses, etc. in our app, where it is possible to approve absence.

We have recently launched our collaboration with 2people regarding recruitment and employee development.

Moreover, the following will be available at any minute now: TimePlan Analytics (Business Intelligence), apps in Apple’s App Store, and Google Play with calendar integrations and notifications.

Due to the increased distribution of online meetings, we have improved our tools regarding implementations. The way in which we work is geared toward physical kick-off meetings, which will be followed up by the wide use of a virtual team between our customers and TimePlan Software, where tasks, documents, and communication is shared.


We need to be a source of change

It is clear to us that “business as unusual” means that we must be more than adaptable. We need to be a source of change. It is, therefore, with a great deal of excitement that we everyday witness the flexibility and effort shown by our colleagues at TimePlan Software. With the main focus on test and stability, we will work towards a strong platform as we seek to continue developing a solution that is innovative and open for integration.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We look forward to another year with a great and valuable collaboration in 2022.

On behalf of the whole team of TimePlan Software, I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Rex A. Clausager

CEO, TimePlan Software

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that make a differenceIt is a tradition at TimePlan Software that we donate the Christmas presents – intended for our much-appreciated customers – to a charity.

This year we have once again decided to donate the gifts to:

– SOS Børnebyerne 

– Ønskeland

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