Holiday greeting 2020 – From CEO, Rex A. Clausager

Dear customers, friends and business partners,


Thank you for your cooperation and your trust in TimePlan in 2020. A year that, for most of us, turned out very different than expected.

I imagine that many holiday greetings this year are about Corona. This one included.

Our customers in the hospitalityleisure and airports have faced—and continue to face—enormous challenges. The flexibility and fighting spirit that you show is admirable. We will do everything we can to continue to help.

The retail industry has also had major changes and considerations to take into account. Again, it’s impressive to see how quickly and constructively you have adapted to the new realities. Several of our customers in retail have actually experienced an increase in the number of employees.

No company or industry has gone untouched this year. No customer has had “business as usual” in 2020.

TimePlan Software has been no different. Our 25th anniversary, which we had been so looking forward to, had to be postponed and then held virtually. But we still had a wonderful day that we look back on with joy.

We’ve also been very impressed with the effort and flexibility shown by our colleagues here at TimePlan Software. Everyone has made great contributions—both at the office and when working from home.

Test and stability have been at the forefront this year. We continue to develop an even more solid platform for the future development of TimePlan. A solution that is intuitiveinnovative and open to integration.


We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial collaboration in 2021—and to the word “Corona” being a thing of the past.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year on behalf of all of us at TimePlan Software,

Rex A. Clausager
CEO, TimePlan Software

CEO, TimePlan Software


Christmas presents to SOS Children’s Villages and Ønskeland

In keeping with tradition, we donate our customers’ Christmas presents to charity.

This year, the Christmas donation goes to SOS Children’s Villages which works for vulnerable children internationally and Ønskeland (Wish Land) which supports vulnerable children locally in Northern Denmark.

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