Aleris Hamlet saves time in hospital management

Aleris Hamlet
“With TimePlan, we can always backtrack to see, what our nurses have received in terms of allowances, absence, vacation, sickness and reimbursement. We save time every day and have the entire history, with all data stored in one place.” 

These are the words of Lillian Moberg Pedersen, Accounting Assistant at Aleris Hamlet Private Hospitals in Denmark.

She has worked with TimePlan since 2011 when the program was selected for employee scheduling, time & attendance and HR administration at Aleris Hamlet’s seven private hospitals and Aleris Care in Denmark. Aleris Hamlet is Denmark’s largest private hospital and employs 11,000 nurses, doctors and ancillary staff in Scandinavia.


Night allowances for nurses

“In the past, we had a lot of manual administration handling the nurses’ timesheets. What hours did they work? What night allowances are they entitled to? We made calculations on paper – also for our other employees. We have a vast number of hourly workers,” says Lillian Moberg Pedersen.

Now, TimePlan keeps track of time & attendance for all Aleris Hamlet’s employees who sign in and out with their employee numbers via a terminal screen.

“Correct time recording is very important because it forms the foundation for the payroll run. TimePlan automatically calculates all allowances and data needed. The system also keeps track of our collective agreements and labour rules and takes into account what functions and what pay scale each employee has,” says Lillian Moberg Pedersen.


Saving time in the payroll department

Since the introduction of TimePlan, the staff at Aleris Hamlet have saved time when it comes to administration and in other areas of the hospitals. More employees have been hired, and TimePlan has assisted with important HR – matters.

“We have saved time at the payroll department because we no longer have to make manual calculations based on timesheets. We no longer have to calculate absence, holidays, illness, reimbursement, etc. manually. Having employee contracts stored electronically in TimePlan is also a great help with the employee’s absence history, employment history, etc., in one place. The risk of manual errors has also been significantly reduced,” says Lillian Moberg Pedersen.


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