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Time Tracking in EU and Denmark: Why It’s More Important Than You May Think

In an era of increasingly flexible working hours and globally distributed teams, tracking work hours has become more significant than ever before. This importance is highlighted by the legal mandate implemented by the European Union in 2019, which obligates employers to record their employees’ daily working hours. The purpose of this regulation is to provide […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Pre- & Post-Vacation Work Planning

Summer is a period of time that the majority of people associate with relaxation and time off. However, for many, the period may be stressful, as it is hard to let go of work fully and focus on taking their well-deserved time off. So, to help ease this process, we’ve assembled four tips to assist […]

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TimePlan Analytics log on a dark blue background

TimePlan Analytics Has Launched: Unleash New Opportunities

Maximizing Your Usage of TimePlan Data Many are completely unaware of the vital knowledge that TimePlan contains. The problem until now has been that it requires a certain technical savvy to access this knowledge, and especially to understand it. For example, TimePlan can contain knowledge that you have a department or an employee who is overloaded […]

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