What happens after you have chosen TimePlan?


Once we know that you are interested in TimePlan, you will automatically get a thorough walkthrough of the process to come. The following text should therefore be seen as a brief overview for you who are considering TimePlan. 


1. It all starts with a TimePlan Licence

When you have decided that TimePlan should be the new WFM solution for the company, we will help you get started in a safe manner. As a first-time customer of TimePlan, you will, first and foremost, need to make a decision regarding the type of license that fits your needs:

  • Purchase a license
  • Rental agreement
  • Use & Pay license

Don’t worry – you can always ask our TimePlan consultants for advice. Our consultants are ready to provide you with guidance regarding your opportunities as well as differences in the licenses.


2. Next, you will be assigned your own consultant

It is of great importance for TimePlan Software that you, as our customer, are provided with personal assistance. For this reason, you will from the beginning be provided with your own TimePlan consultant who implements, installs, and customizes a unique TimePlan solution for your company. Your consultant will be assisting you throughout the entire set-up process of TimePlan. Furthermore, your TimePlan consultant will be available for physical meetings, online meetings, and over the phone. It all boils down to your wishes and what makes the most sense to you.


3. Implementation of TimePlan

As part of the start-up phase, your consultant will be reviewing the company’s:

  • Workflows
  • Payroll
  • Collective agreements
  • Departments
  • Other relevant areas of your business

This ensures that you will be provided with the best possible start-up and structure, which takes all parts of the company into consideration.

Regarding this process, it is important to emphasize that everything stated this far will be carried out in close collaboration with you or your representative. This is important for ensuring that the specific solution fits the needs of the company. Furthermore, a close dialog will continuously provide the consultant with valuable information about the company.


4. Training and education

– How will you get TimePlan up and running in your company? 

During the implementation, we will also provide a training course for selected employees. Selected employees will usually be those who manage time, shifts, or the economy within the company. It could, for instance, be the financial manager or the head of a department. All of this depends on the structure of the company as well as your wishes.

The new, so-called TimePlan managers will be able to educate other employees in the program, so TimePlan will be ready for the daily work routines in the company. Though it may sound like a lot, we can assure you that every single TimePlan manager will be properly prepared to take on this task. Furthermore, your TimePlan consultant will always be at your service – ready to help. This goes for our TimePlan Support as well.


5. TimePlan Community

When the implementation and education are completed, your company will become a member of our TimePlan Community. The TimePlan Community is an online forum for TimePlan customers. Through this forum, you will get access to manuals, training videos, release documents, webinars, and ERFA meetings. Additionally, you can at any time book education from your TimePlan consultant within all the modules and functions.

 (The service standards are the same, but the individual training hours with individual consultants depend on the size of your company and the extent of your WFM solution)


6. TimePlan Support

As our customer, you can at any time contact TimePlan support. We believe in good and consistent support, which our customers appreciate:

 “I always feel welcome when I call about calendar management and reports. The support staff takes the time to explain things to me so I don’t feel stupid but accommodated.”

 Julie Thomassen

TimePlan Coordinator | Netto

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We hope going through the different steps has helped you gain insight into the process. The key takeaway is as follows: We are always here to help you throughout the entire process. Following this, we will end this post with a request for you who are considering TimePlan:

– Feel free to call, and we will explain everything to you!

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