Pay Supplement and Overtime Rate: Streamlining the Summer with TimePlan Software

Summer is usually associated with relaxation and vacation time; however, summer can also be busy, especially for companies with seasonal work, where employees become subject to overtime work and the employer must provide additional pay. This is also the reason why the summer period is a season filled with overtime and additional pay.

Overtime is a common occurrence in most industries but is particularly common in the tourism sector, retail, and cultural and leisure workplaces, such as amusement parks. The summer period often brings an increase in demand for goods and services, which can lead to a need for additional workforce to meet the demand. This often results in longer working hours, which must also be registered in the form of overtime and additional pay.


Rules for overtime

As an employer, it is therefore obliged to comply with the applicable rules for overtime. It is worth noting that there may be collective agreements that determine conditions and rules for additional pay and overtime. Collective agreement terms may vary within the different sectors.

For example, all Danish employees have the right to receive overtime pay or compensation in the form of time off when they exceed the normal working hours of 37 hours per week or just their usual number of working hours. Furthermore, it is also important to remember that employees may be entitled to additional pay if they work on holidays or weekends.


Employee well-being

However, as an employer, it is important to also consider the well-being of employees, as overtime can have a potentially negative impact on employee health and well-being in the workplace. This is why it is important for employers to consider their employees’ well-being and welfare during the summer period and offer appropriate rest periods and vacation time. It may also be a good idea to offer flexible working hours or opportunities to work from home, if possible.


TimePlan as your right hand

In the end, overtime is a necessity in most industries during the summer period, as working hours can be volatile during the tourist season. However, it is important to ensure that employees receive the proper compensation and rest time and that their well-being and health are taken into consideration.

With TimePlan Software, your company will have the opportunity to use the program, which handles employment contracts, working hours, shift planning, and salaries, among other things. These sensitive personal data are necessary for the management of overtime and additional pay.

The Director of Djurs Sommerland, Michael B. Nielsen, points out that the shift planning that TimePlan can generate has helped them maintain an overview of their employees’ working hours:

“We needed a visual picture of who was working and what the costs were associated with each shift during the day.”

Let TimePlan Software help you maintain an overview of your employees’ working hours and the management of additional pay. Book a meeting here.


Read the interview with Michael B. Nielsen from Djurs Sommerland here.

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