Integration improves your workforce management solution

Are you using one system for employee scheduling and another one for payroll? Do you manually enter the data into your various systems —with the risk of errors and wasted time?

Proper integration between your IT systems can streamline your work life and save you both time and money. Software Architect Finn Harsfort from TimePlan Software explains how.


“There aren’t many IT systems that can stand alone. They need to talk to other systems,” says Finn Harsfort.

He works with projects to improve TimePlan with regard to integration with other systems. This is to ensure the best solution for all users.

“TimePlan integrates with many different systems. The systems must be able to exchange the data that customers use in order for them to achieve the most optimal and complete solution.”

Finn Harsfort emphasizes that integration can take place both via the web API and via the import and export of data files.


Exchange data in real-time

When TimePlan integrates with other systems, it means that data entered in TimePlan is automatically synchronized with the other systems—and vice versa.

“Not all customers use Time Plan’s HR system. They might just use the employee scheduling and time and attendance modules. To get the most optimal solution, the data is exchanged between the systems. If you create an employee in your HR system, the employee is also automatically created in TimePlan. It’s less time consuming, easier and reduces the risk of errors,” explains Finn Harsfort.

Finn Harsfort


What are the options for integration with other systems?

Within workforce management, there are many opportunities for integration. With TimePlan, you can integrate with systems within the categories:

  • Salary system
  • Digital signature
  • HR system
  • ERP
  • SMS, e-mail, calender and communication
  • Cash register system

Within each category, TimePlan Software collaborates with many integration partners, including ProLønDatalønesignaturPenneoSympa and Microsoft Dynamics Ax.

See which systems you can integrate TimePlan with.


Advantages of integrating systems with each other

When your workforce management system integrates with e.g., payroll systems, ERP, Digital Signature or similar, you achieve five significant benefitsin particular:

  • Accuracy – avoid errors.

You avoid copy-pasting and typing errors. You always have updated, correct numbers appearing across the systems.

  • Efficiency – save time and make payroll easier

You free up time for the administrative staff. They get the opportunity to spend time more efficiently on other things.

  • Overview – all information in one place

Stop messing around with different folders and documents. You always have an updated overview. Everything is synchronised and gathered online.

  • Optimization – exchanges data in real time

You optimise work processes across all departments of your business. In addition to the administrative tasks, the your employees always have access to employee schedules, holiday balance statements, e.g.

  • Safety – automatic transfer

When the data is automatically transferred, you ensure that the files are not viewed by some to whom it does not concern, e.g. salary files or contracts.


Adapts to customer needs.

”“At TimePlan, we regularly receive inquiries about new integrations to new systems from our customers. That’s why we’re constantly developing TimePlan so we can offer the best possible, integrable solution,” says Finn Harsfort.

“As a customer, you’ll be assigned a consultant who will help set up TimePlan according to your company’s needs. All you need to do is have agreements in place with your other systems and tell the consultant what your needs and wants are. Then we’ll solve the integration. “

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