How to handle staff management during corona

Time plan during Corona

The corona pandemic has thrown companies into a whole new situation. More than ever, tools are needed to ensure more flexible workforce management. You need to be able to increase and decrease your staffing. Record odd work hours. Open and close the store. Hire more staff quickly. TimePlan can be a great tool for employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.


A new world with new needs

The new situation that you and many others find yourself in can be difficult to navigate and manage. It’s a new world with new needs.

At the same time, it’s more essential than ever for you to manage and keep track of your business and employees. When do you need more staff? How many are needed? When have employees working from home signed in and out? And everything else…

You need to be able to keep track and adapt to the situation you’re in. i.


Different companies – different situations

Some companies, for example web shops, need hire more helping hands quickly.

Some must send employees home part-time or are forced to lay them off completely.

Others need documentation of previous months’ staffing to apply for salary compensation.. How many were at work at during this time last year? How many hours did they work? And what were they paid?

No matter what situation you and your company may be in, TimePlan can most likely help.

Time Plan a great tool

Get help with time registration and documentation.

Right now, we’re helping many companies and organisations deal with their workforce management needs. Some of the features most used in TimePlan are:

  • Be able to sign in and out of work, regardless of whether the employees meet physically at the workplace or not.
  • Record absences easily and correctly – whether the employee has taken a vacation, been sent home or is on sick leave.
  • Form the basis for applications for salary compensation through historical data.
  • Provide an overview of which employees are available for different work tasks.
  • Comply with GDPR and proper handling of personnel data.
  • Give planners, managers, and employees a better overview and better management in a changing workday.

Save time and get an overview with TimePlan

TimePlan is a Danish-developed software solution that has helped companies for more than 25 years with employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

With TimePlan, you save both time and money in your work life and get a better overview – no matter what situation you and your company are in.

Our tailor-made modular solutions meet our customers where their needs are. TimePlan is always set up to
suit you and your wishes.

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