Get satisfied employees – while saving wage costs

satisfied employees

Wage costs often carry weight on the budget. You probably want to lower these – without compromising on the staffing or customer service of your business. A workforce management system can help you do just that.


Workforce management is a series of activities you use to increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees. A workforce management system has many benefits – and even more, if you and your business manage to make optimal use of it.

Here is how you save wage costs while also getting more satisfied employees.


Use your data as a starting point for your base plan

An important tool you get when you use a (good) workforce management system is analysis and statistics. TimePlan has built-in reporting tools and artificial intelligence. This allows you, in only a few seconds, to get useful information about your business – for example:

  • Sick leave/absence
  • Overtime
  • Wage costs versus budget

You can use this information to plan better. Get an overview of how many full-time employees you need to be compared to part-time employees. See the absence percentage and take this into account in your future planning.

Learn from your data and use it as a starting point for your base plan.


Know your business.

To reduce wage costs, you need to know your business. You need to understand when you are most busy. When to fill up the shelves, how long it takes and when your customers buy the most. This information is an important step in achieving even better planning.

By knowing your business, you avoid overstaffing, understaffing and paying surcharges for overtime or calling in staff.


Use your resources the best way

A workforce management system helps you make better use of your resources. TimePlan makes sure you always have the right staff in the right place at the right time.

The system gives you an overview of time and attendance, so your permanently employed staff do not have too many or too few hours.

TimePlan also helps you detect wasted time which allows you to optimise work processes or change working hours. For example, is there a better time for goods to arrive? Or do you need other opening hours?

In addition to saving you costs, a workforce management system will contribute to a better customer experience and employee satisfaction.


Make it easier for your employees

Satisfied employees deliver better results. In addition to increasing employee satisfaction through higher productivity, a workforce management system can create value in several ways.

TimePlan contributes to a stronger corporate culture through better and more accessible communication. Your employees can easily see their schedule, change shifts, see their balances, and wish for a vacation.

In addition, you get the correct registration of hours and payroll. The processes become easier for all employees across the departments.

You both increase satisfaction, save wage costs and increase efficiency.


A workforce management system versus spreadsheet

Compared to a spreadsheet, an online system gives you a complete overview of one solution. This alone contributes to increased employee satisfaction because everyone in the company has all data stored in one place.

At the same time, you save time and resources because the system automatically gives you alerts when, for example, you break labour market rules or an employee has too many hours. TimePlan can also suggest an automatic schedule via Autoplan calculated based on your data and needs.

Finally, TimePlan helps you comply with complex collective agreements. This ensures that you save wage costs, avoid fines and your employees are guaranteed fair treatment.

With TimePlan, you get happier employees, happier customers, and a better business.

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