Zita would happily stay another 10 years at TimePlan Software

This month, Zita Toft celebrates her 10-year anniversary in the administration and finance department at TimePlan Software. She expresses that she would happily stay another 10 years because she enjoys her colleagues, is challenged within her field of work and is excited for the new journey with Main Capital Partners as the new owners.

When Zita came for a job interview as an office assistant at TimePlan Software in Aalborg 10 years ago, she was particularly drawn to the company’s culture. “The founder and then owner, Henrik Baasch, expressed that this collaboration – in addition to the job tasks – was about me being happy to be here. He and Kis Flindt, who was in the administration and finance department, wanted to know me as a person, not just as a colleague,” Zita expresses with a smile.

Five years ago, Zita was promoted to Administration Manager, and today she handles a variety of tasks. These involve sending contracts to new TimePlan customers and getting them settled in. Moreover, she manages invoicing from all departments, payrolls, and data for internal use as well as external customers and partners.

TimePlan Software is still a very open workplace with a flat organizational structure – despite having tripled in size while I have been here. It is also a workplace where you take care of your work and provide the best service to our customers,” Zita says.

She takes pride in performing her work to the best of her ability and appreciates the trust that everyone in the company shows her.


The apprentice arranged and organized Zita’s anniversary

During her 10 years at TimePlan Software, Zita has trained the company’s first trainee, Henriette Christensen, who is now a permanent employee in the administration and finance department. Zita has also organized numerous company trips, workdays, Christmas parties, and anniversaries, except for her own, which was organized by Henriette. It was a great celebration at the headquarters where Zita was celebrated by her colleagues – and sat at the table with her husband Leif and three adult daughters.

“It was really a touching and amazing evening. We are not just colleagues here at the company. We are also friends,” Zita says, who also celebrated her 60th birthday during her time at the company.

“The biggest experiences I have had here are family and company trips, as well as TimePlan’s 25th anniversary. Here at the company, it is not just about getting a software solution out into the world; the employees behind it also need to thrive and be happy. Everyone is on an equal footing – even when you first start as a new employee. This contributes to a great product, good progress, and teamwork.”


A new era for Zita and TimePlan

The next ten years will, according to Zita, be about further personal as well as work-related development alongside her colleagues and TimePlan Software as it is entering a new era. At the end of 2022, Main Capital Partners acquired the majority of the company’s shares. This has resulted in new and exciting tasks for all employees around TimePlan, which is a leading software solution for scheduling, time tracking, and HR administration with customers in over 25 countries.

TimePlan Software has always grown along with us as employees, and management has always included us all in the process. That is still the case now. I have immense respect for that,” Zita says, who is the 17th TimePlan 10-year anniversary employee in the company.

Her hope and feeling are that she will be with TimePlan Software for many more years to come.

I want to see where we’re headed. What kind of era we are entering – and be a part of the new journey alongside our management, owners, customers, and all my colleagues.

Congratulations on your 10 years at TimePlan Software, our dear Zita. Thank you for everything you have done and been for us so far.

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