TimePlan superusers looking for new jobs

TimePlan SuperUsers looking for new jobs

Are you looking for a talented TimePlan employee? The consumer electronics store ComputerCity is closing, and the TimePlan super users Michael and Betina are looking for new jobs in the Copenhagen area: 


Michael Hansen, 50, Head of IT
Michael has worked at ComputerCity for twenty-one years, primarily as Head of IT. He was part of the implementation of TimePlan in 2001, and he has been an administrator ever since. Michael has maintained the TimePlan server and overseen system updates plus technical support.

Betina Nilsson, 30, Store Manager

Betina has worked at ComputerCity for four years as an assistant store manager and store manager. As the head of the Glostrup store, Betina has been a TimePlan superuser and has created rosters for thirty employees.

Contact: marketing@timeplan-software.com or look for Betina and Michael on LinkedIn.

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