10-year anniversary: Congratulations to Torben Larsen and TimePlan Software


This March, Torben Larsen can celebrate his 10th anniversary as a programmer at TimePlan Software. The work tasks have changed over the years, but the motivation has always been the same: to contribute to solutions that reduce customers’ time consumption and save them money.


“It seems a bit surreal that 10 years have already passed, but beyond that, it’s great to be able to celebrate 10 years at TimePlan,” says the jubilee, Torben Larsen. In March 2012, Torben applied for the position of programmer at TimePlan Software. He had just finished his education and was therefore ready to work. After a couple of job interviews at TimePlan Software, he was hired: “In the beginning, I worked with optimizing the run of exports and refunds. TimePlan had been launched in its 6th version shortly before my employment, and performance for exports and refunds was not at the desired level.” This is how Torben describes his daily work at the beginning, where he was early on inspired by the company’s close dialogue with customers: “I like that customers have plenty of opportunities to influence the direction of TimePlan. TimePlan is based on the wishes and needs of a customer, and thus the individual customers can get (as good as it is possible) tailor-made solutions that match their challenges.”


The complicated things in everyday life become easier

In recent years, Torben has primarily worked with TimePlan’s management of holiday balance: “It has been a pretty big challenge with the new Danish rules, but also with rules for other countries. I am currently working on improving the possibilities within the registration of holidays, as the new rules have meant that both old and new holidays are used at the same time ”. Challenge or not, Torben has no doubt that his work is of great benefit to customers: “I hope that the solutions I contribute to develop and maintain reduce the time that customers spend on administration, which should save them money and give them the opportunity to spend time on other tasks. This should be possible through solutions that make the complicated and complex things in everyday life easier and faster to carry out.”


One memory stands out in particular

10 years in the same company creates many shared moments and memories. Nevertheless, Torben’s greatest memory can be found in the recent years with the pandemic: “(..) It has been one of the greatest experiences to see how the whole company managed, in almost no time, to change from doing almost everything “face-to-face” to doing a lot from a distance. At the same time, a lot was done to help all the many customers we have who were affected by lockdowns,” Torben Larsen explains.


T stands for TimePlan and Torben

With a 10-year work anniversary, TimePlan and Torben must be described as a success story. One of the things that has meant a lot to Torben is that he has been allowed to make his mark on how the solutions in TimePlan have been developed over the years. He ends by saying that he can not imagine why the next 10 years should not be spent in the company.


Congratulations to Torben Larsen for the first 10 years at TimePlan Software.

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