TimePlan Software is ranked 34 on Computerworld’s TOP 100 list


TimePlan can, once again, take pride in being amongst Denmark’s best skilled IT-companies, according to the IT-magazine Computerworld.


Once a year, the Danish IT-magazine Computerworld announces their TOP 100 list of Denmark’s most skilled IT-companies. This time around, TimePlan Software has moved nearly 30 positions up the list since last years placement, and we are now ranked number 34!

We are proud to continuously be a part of this list throughout the past few years, which Computerworld have been releasing since 1996. There is a certain degree of prestige to be part of this list, and it is moreover a great motivational factor for TimePlan’s employees. To this tribute, CEO Rex A. Clausager expresses that:

“It is an honor for us to be part of Computerworld’s TOP 100 list. This year we are, of course, extra proud to have gained 27 positions from number 61 last year to number 34 this year. We are lucky to have engaged customers, that keeps us on our feet – and ensure, that we continue to have a WFM-tool, that is relevant for them.”

CEO Clausager celebrates this ranking by giving thanks to TimePlan’s customers, but additionally adds that this position on the Top 100 is reached through the teamwork within TimePlan:

“At the same time, I would also like to bring a huge appreciation of my colleagues, that all have a very important stake in this achievement.”

Computerworld additionally provides lists of the most skilled IT-companies within subcategories, which relates to their TOP 100 list. Here, the subcategory ‘industrial software’ is presented, wherein TimePlan has been ranked at number 8.


Here at TimePlan, we are extremely honored to be bestowed these two positions on Computerworld’s TOP 100 lists, and we appreciate the recognition. It drives us to continue our hard work.

Click here to see Computerworld’s TOP 100 list for 2022 and here for the subcategory ‘industrial software’.

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