TimePlan Analytics Has Launched: Unleash New Opportunities

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Maximizing Your Usage of TimePlan Data

Many are completely unaware of the vital knowledge that TimePlan contains. The problem until now has been that it requires a certain technical savvy to access this knowledge, and especially to understand it. For example, TimePlan can contain knowledge that you have a department or an employee who is overloaded with time and workload, without you noticing. You may have also missed an open shift in the roster, and perhaps you even forgot Jørgen’s 10th anniversary, even though his employment date is in TimePlan. It’s naturally regrettable when the data is available and not used. For this reason, many have been looking forward to TimePlan Analytics, which is now a reality.

This is especially true for the CEO of TimePlan Software, Rex. A. Clausager, who has been involved in bringing the project to completion:

“I’ve truly been looking forward to the launch of TimePlan Analytics. We have made it significantly easier for our users to access critical information about their businesses, departments, and employees, which can be crucial for making well-founded decisions.”


Simplifying Deviation Identification with TimePlan Analytics

Rex. A. Clausager hopes and believes that the module will be a big win for TimePlan users:

“I hope that TimePlan Analytics will be well received and that many of our users quickly begin to benefit from the advantages that the module offers”.

He elaborates that TimePlan Analytics will make it easier to identify deviations:

“For instance, you might discover that your employee clocks in at 7.30 and leaves at 15.30 every day, even though the agreement states from 8.00 to 16.00. With TimePlan Analytics, you can quickly spot deviations like this and respond immediately.

You can also identify if your employee is working more than expected, and management can then more easily assess if there’s a need to reinforce the position to handle peak loads”.


Understanding the Structure of TimePlan Analytics

TimePlan Analytics is part of the menu. To access the module, select > Program > Analytics in TimePlan.

TimePlan Analytics is divided into three main areas, each containing various dashboards with key figures and views from the respective category:

  1. Time & Attendance
    1. Absences
      • Absence overview
      • This year | Last year
    2. Check-ins
      • Check-in overview
      • Scheduled | Check-in | Actual
  2. Employee Scheduling
    1. Planning – Scheduled | Revised | Actual
    2. Available shifts
  3. Departments
    1. Department Overview
    2. Employees
    3. Birthdays/Anniversaries
    4. Seniority
    5. Retention
    6. Custom key figures


Empowering Users with Self-Help Resources

TimePlan Analytics is designed to make it easier for managers and administrators to follow up and less time-consuming to substantiate and make decisions. It is essentially a self-help tool.

Rex A. Clausager is confident that TimePlan Analytics will be a success as soon as users realize the possibilities:

“We have created a fantastic BI tool, I’m sure of that. Now it’s just about getting it integrated into our customers’ everyday lives, so it can get out there and live”.


Getting Started with TimePlan Analytics

You now have the opportunity to utilize TimePlan Analytics. If you’re already using TimePlan, this feature opens up a new level of insight into your business. The enhanced analytics module is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling you to understand and optimize your workforce data more effectively. However, just like any new tool, there might be a brief adjustment period as you familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

Remember, by upgrading to TimePlan Analytics, you are investing in a more efficient, data-driven future for your organization. This feature is all about empowering you to make better, more informed decisions.

If this sounds like a solution that can help alleviate your operational challenges and enhance your decision-making process, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to guide you through the benefits and the process of integrating TimePlan Analytics into your workflow.

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