Embracing the Spirit of Giving: TimePlan’s Support to Ønskeland

Woman carrying her child in a field at sunset.

In this season of giving, at TimePlan, we are committed to leveraging our workforce management expertise in a way that honours the precious value of time. This year, we’re concentrating on Ønskeland, a cause where our support aids in enhancing precious moments for individuals navigating challenging times.


For several years, TimePlan has dedicated its Christmas donations to charities that make a significant impact. While we have supported various organisations, this year we are particularly proud to contribute to Ønskeland.


Why Ønskeland?

Ønskeland and TimePlan both have our roots in North Jutland. Their mission deeply touches us, as they organize holidays and great experiences for chronically ill children and their families. These holidays, held in the peaceful area of Øland near Brovst, are not just an ordinary vacation. It is a sanctuary where families can take a break from the challenges of everyday life and instead enjoy their time together.

Our Contribution

It’s not just financial support that we contribute at TimePlan; we also get directly involved in local projects that reflect what we stand for. Our collaboration with Ønskeland is a perfect example of how we put our philosophy into practice. We help not only with a donation; we also provide Ønskeland with our helpful WFM system. This system makes it easier for them to handle shift planning, absence management, and time tracking, and it fits right into their daily routines. We highly value time, especially for the people at Ønskeland. We want to help them spend more time creating good memories for families, instead of drowning in a sea of administrative tasks and manual work.

The Impact of Ønskeland

When a child faces illness, it’s not just the child who is affected, but the entire family. Ønskeland offers a haven for these families. With stays ranging from 4-5 days, free of charge, they welcome 4-9 families weekly from across the country. This unique setting not only provides a break from daily life but also a chance for families to connect with others in similar situations, offering support and understanding across various diagnoses. Set in the peaceful, natural surroundings, Ønskeland is a beacon of hope and comfort in precious moments.


Every Moment Counts

As we reflect on the year and look forward to Christmas, our partnership with Ønskeland reminds us how important it is to support each other and be there for people. At TimePlan, we don’t just value time; we also cherish the special moments families share when they take a break from everyday challenges.

Every moment counts, not just our hours at work – but all our time spent in life.

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