Aalborg – Company is the seventh best in Denmark

Computerworld 2017 top 100

TimePlan Software is the seventh-best IT company in Denmark and the fourth most skilled in the software category. This has just been announced by Computerworld magazine, which has published its long-awaited Top 100 list for 2017.


Last year, TimePlan Software was number 17 on the Top 100 main list and number 7 on the software list. The company, which is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, has jumped an impressive 10 places on the primary list and three places on the software list.


Does not happen by itself
“Of course, we are ecstatic and very proud,” says Henrik Baasch, CEO and founder of TimePlan Software.

“Such a recognisable achievement does not happen without effort and hard work from our incredible team of people, who show professionalism, dedication and commitment day in, day out. The TimePlan program gives our customers wage savings in their daily lives while increasing employee satisfaction. Employees who use TimePlan on their smartphones can influence their own work schedule and feel assured that local rules and agreements are being complied with,” says Henrik Baasch.


25 countries and 16 languages
Since 1995, TimePlan Software has provided the software product TimePlan for employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration. The company’s customers include service and retail companies like IKEA, JYSK, Bauhaus and Scandic Hotels. TimePlan is used in 25 countries in 16 languages. Recently, TimePlan has expanded into two theme parks in South Africa, and the company is experiencing solid growth in the European market.


Criteria for the Top 100 list
Computerworld annually announces Denmark’s most talented IT companies based on their corporate placement in the disciplines: Operating profit in relation to wage costs, Return on equity, Return rate and Growth in primary operations. The Top 100 analysis includes Danish IT companies with personnel costs of at least DKK 10 million or a reported turnover of at least DKK 20 million.


Highest ranking so far
Computerworld has published the Top 100 list of Denmark’s most talented IT companies since 1996, and seventh is the highest ranking TimePlan Software has ever had. Henrik Baasch and his team in Aalborg have previously received recognition as a Gazelle’s business in the Danish magazine Borsen and a AAA Gold Ratings for the highest credit rating.


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