5 tips for effective employee scheduling

effective employee scheduling

Are you struggling with the eternal puzzle of creating a roster that works for everyone? Keeping track of shift changes, absences and the number of work hours can be an endless task, stealing your time from more profitable activities. But with effective online employee scheduling, you can save time, money and increase productivity, says Bent Dahl Jensen, project manager at TimePlan Software.


Before joining TimePlan Software in 2013, Bent Dahl Jensen worked in retail and production. For many years, he struggled to get the manual rosters to add up. The frustrations and challenges from that time he has since channelled into his job as a project manager at TimePlan Software.

“I have struggled to create employee schedules without having an online shift scheduling system. So I know the need in many ways,” says Bent Dahl Jensen.


Effective shift planning gives you an overview

Bent Dahl Jensen has seen how ineffective planning and staffing can be very costly for a business. Both in salary, but also in terms of fines.

“Effective employee scheduling is the key to always having the right employees in the right place at the right time,” he says. “With an online shift scheduling system like TimePlan, you know when you need extra staff in the store.

You can easily see when the alarm bells are ringing—and if you exceed something you should be aware of. It can be both work rules and whether you comply with the budget figures. You avoid cumbersome processes and unmanageable spreadsheets by gathering everything in one place. You ensure that you always have an overview.”


5 tips for better and more efficient employee scheduling

Here’s Bent Dahl Jensen’s 5 best tips to get the most out of your employee scheduling:


1. Know your needs and your finances

To achieve the optimal employee scheduling, it’s important that you know your needs and your finances. What budget hours and budget figures would you like to adhere to?
Find a benchmark to hold your daily operations up against. If you don’t have a benchmark, it’s’ just a matter of plotting in shifts and hours without thinking about what you can afford and need.


2. Take care of your employees

Do you have an overview of whether you comply with your industry’s collective agreements and labour market rules? Do you spend an excess of hours to get the roster done and the work tasks covered This might be a rock-solid way to burn out your employees and ensure that they start exploring other avenues.

With an effective online shift scheduling system that , you will be warned if you break a rule. TimePlan makes sure you always have the right employees in the right place at the right time. This enables you to take care of your store and your employees..


3. Get the right numbers in the right format

With efficient employee scheduling, you can make optimal use of work hours, because you no longer have to pick up your numbers from several different places. All data is gathered in one place in a format where you don’t have to process it any further. You don’t have to waste your time rummaging through several different spreadsheets.

An online employee scheduling system gives you everything—completely automatically. You can spend your time developing and growing your business.


4. Be open and help your employees

our employees need flexibility and clarity in their everyday lives.

It should be easy for them to see the roster—anytime, anywhere. Easy to see balance over holidays, time off, etc. Easy to swap shifts and communicate with colleagues. With TimePlan WebApp, your employees always have an up-to-date overview of hours at hand.

Bonus: You don’t have to spend time figuring out the answers when all your employees come and ask. They won’t come and disturb you or the administration with these questions and your time is not disturbed.


5. You have to learn—and become more skilled for tomorrow

With effective online employee scheduling, you always have the financial overview. Every day, when the day is over and approved, you have an overview.

No matter where in the company you sit, you can pull out the necessary data and use it to optimize for tomorrow. Take full advantage of your system to save time, money and increase productivity.


Save work hours and personnel costs with TimePlan

For more than 25 years, TimePlan Software has helped more than 700 companies across different industries with efficient employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

With TimePlan, it’seasy to make changes and make good decisions about your personnel administration.

“The biggest advantage of TimePlan is the complexity of the program. It’s an ideal platform for dealing with labour market rules and legislation around the world, ” says Bent Dahl Jensen.

“TimePlan gives you the tools to create and manage your workforce so you always get the most of it.”

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