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Workforce Management for theme parks, cultural services, and leisure.

Flexible workforce planning of hourly-paid and seasonal workers

Many of TimePlan’s theme park customers employ seasonal workers. With TimePlan, they can reuse templates and work schedules year after year without having to do each roster from scratch. Templates for shift patterns can be applied – even when new employees are hired.

Often, theme and amusement parks are open on weekends and in the evening, where special employment rules apply for over-time allowances

All work hours are recorded correctly

TimePlan ensures that all work hours are recorded correctly via a punch clock, sign in and out on terminals or simply via the TimePlan App, which can be found on Google Play and App Store.

The employees can enjoy their work knowing that all hours are recorded, and rules are being adhered to. The staff administration and management save time and hassle every day with easy administration and transfer of data to the payroll system.

Our Customer Says

TimePlan Software keeps track of employees, schedules and payroll

“We save a lot of administration costs by having a system that goes 360 degrees. Rosters, employment agreements, work hours and payroll are sensitive issues, and TimePlan and ProLøn keeps track of it all.”

These are the words of Michael B. Nielsen, one of the two managing directors of Djurs Sommerland in Nimtofte. In 1996, he took over the largest amusement park in the Nordic region with his brother Henrik after their father, where at that point, all the work schedules for the approximately 200 employees were made in Excel spreadsheets.

“We could not control that. We needed a visual image of who was at work and the cost associated with each shift throughout the day,” says Michael B. Nielsen.

Designed according to our needs

In 2001, Djurs Sommerland selected TimePlan for shift planning and HR management, and at the same time ProLøn came onboard. The payroll system should match TimePlan’s structure by division into departments, and there needed to be direct integration so that only one database was necessary for both systems.

“I experienced great flexibility and excellent service from both TimePlan and ProLøn. The setup was designed according to our needs, and the integration between the two systems has worked from day one,” says Michael B Nielsen.

For the past 17 years, TimePlan and ProLøn have kept track of employees, schedules and payroll for Djurs Sommerland, which currently has 650 employees. Michael B. Nielsen is known for his commitment and hands-on approach to the day-to-day operations and staff management, and in 2010 he was named Denmark’s Best Boss by TV2’s panel of judges.

Overview of everyday operations

“TimePlan and ProLøn optimize our management burden and gives us an overview of our everyday operations. We have one employee who manages the payroll for 650 employees, and we can create wage budgets in TimePlan and compare them to the actual numbers,” says Michael B. Nielsen.

He emphasizes that the digitalization and automation of TimePlan and ProLøn over the years has made staff management safe and “extremely easy”.

“We use the same shift planning templates year after year in TimePlan and adjust them based on holidays and the number of visitors. 85% of our employees come back every season, so they can renew their employment contracts in seconds with Digital Signature in TimePlan.”

Trade shifts on smartphones

When Djurs Sommerland releases their work schedules, employees can see their shifts via TimePlan’s App on their smart devices.

“Our employees can even trade shifts on their mobile phones, and they can also bid on available shifts and send messages to each other. This saves us an incredible amount of time in administration, and we can communicate with our employees much more easily,” says Michael B. Nielsen.

He explains that when an employee arrives to start their shift at the Dragon King rollercoaster, they sign in and out via a TimePlan terminal at the Information building. TimePlan registers all hours taking into consideration the collective agreements, allowances, holidays, and absence. Every 14th day, time stamping is approved by the head of department at Djurs Sommerland, and the bookkeeper will make a final check-in TimePlan before the work hours are sent to payroll in ProLøn with just a few clicks.


The Autoplan module automates the detailed planning process and allows you more time with your customers and employees.


TimePlan warns you if collective agreements and local rules are not adhered to during planning and scheduling.


TimePlan gives you an updated overview of staffing. You avoid under and over staffing and save work hours and wage costs.


TimePlan has a clear and intuitive user interface, which optimises the planning process. All data is stored in one place.

“With TimePlan’s Web App, we can easily communicate available shifts to our 20 biology and veterinary students who help as presenters at our special events.”

Louise Nordbjerg Bach

Communications Coordinator

Copenhagen Zoo

Customer since 2007

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