Anna followed her heart and got a new career in Europe

Anna and TimePlan

In 2010, Anna Friborg emailed Henrik Baasch from TimePlan Software to say goodbye. She had quit her job in Sweden and was moving to Holland to live with her boyfriend. But then Henrik Baasch offered her a job as a consultant and the rest is history. 10 years of TimePlan history. 


Anna Friborg first met Henrik Baasch and TimePlan in 2003, when she worked with HR and payroll for the Swedish electronics chain SIBA (today NetOnNet). The company was looking for a workforce management system to keep track of shifts and working hours for the employees. 

“We visited Computercity in Denmark and saw how they used TimePlan. We loved the system‘s overview and user-friendliness. Soon after, we started implementing TimePlan in Norway and Sweden,” says Anna Friborg. 


Gave Holland a chance 

Henrik Baasch had founded TimePlan in 1995 and oversaw the training of the SIBA employees in 2004. If it hadn’t been for a cabin trip to the Swedish woods during the Christmas holidays of 2009, Anna Friborg might have still worked in Gothenburg.  

But during the cabin trip, she met Robin, a guy who was visiting from Holland. And eight months later, the 30-year-old Anna Friborg sold her apartment in Gothenburg, quit her job at SIBA and moved to Holland to live with Robin. 

“I couldn’t risk not giving this a chance,” she says from her home in the city of Breda, where she still lives with Robin and the couple’s now seven-year-old son. 


Expanding with TimePlan in Europe 

As part of her conclusion at SIBA, Anna Friborg wrote to Henrik Baasch thanking him for the good cooperation. After which the TimePlan CEO called her less than 24 hours later and asked what she was going to do in Holland. 

“Do you want to work for me? We are expanding with TimePlan in Europe,” he said. 

Anna Friborg had not yet applied for any other jobs. She flew to the TimePlan Software head offices in Aalborg, Denmark and signed an employment contract based in Holland.  

Since then, she has been a TimePlan consultant and most recently a senior consultant in Europe. 10 years this year. Her parents and brothers still lives in Sweden. Her business meetings with Swedish TimePlan customers allow her to stay locally with her family  


Annual customer meetings in Sweden 

“The biggest highlights have been the annual TimePlan customer meetings in Sweden,” says Anna Friborg in the wake of celebrating her 10th anniversary at the TimePlan Software head offices. 

“We have so much fun together and there is so much positive energy. Ive also had amazing experiences with MediaMarkt in Holland and Granngården and Gateau in Sweden.” 

Anna Friborg has had many different tasks and functions over the past 10 years. She provides English and Swedish TimePlan support, conducts training, and implements the solution when customers expand into new countries in Europe, including JYSK and Merlin Entertainments. She also still takes care of the Swedish TimePlan customers.  

“I have learned how different each customer operatesEvery company has completely different mentalities and cultures. I enjoy meeting the customers and setting up TimePlan to suit their collective agreements and individual needs.” 


My colleagues are also my friends 

Among the highlights, Anna Friborg also emphasizes the collaboration with her department manager Lilian Jensen in Denmark and her other colleagues in the consulting team. 

“My colleagues are not just my colleagues. They are also my friends. I have been incredibly grateful for the relationship with Henrik Baasch (today Chairman of the Board, TimePlan Software). He was the one who taught me TimePlan 17 years ago.”


Anna and Peter

In 2020, Anna Friborg and Peter Knudsen celebrated their 10-year employee anniversary with TimePlan Software. Here at the celebration dinner at TimePlan Software’s head offices. From the left: Rex A. Clausager, CEO, Peter Knudsen, Software Developer, Anna Friborg, TimePlan Senior Consultant, and Henrik Baasch, Founder and Chairman of the Board.

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