Aleksandra receives top marks for TimePlan Web App assignment


Aleksandra Yakimova has just received an A+ for her internship assignment at TimePlan Software. The twenty-four-year-old student from Bulgaria has helped test the new TimePlan Web App, and she’s very excited about the company culture at the office in Aalborg.


“What has surprised me the most is how open and inclusive everyone here at TimePlan is. Many of the employees have been with the company for several years, and all their positivity makes me feel like I’m part of something big.”
So says Aleksandra Yakimova, who just completed her 10-week internship at TimePlan Software in Aalborg, resulting in a remarkable A+ for her internship assignment.
Aleksandra is a student at University College Nordjylland (UCN), and she’s doing her bachelor’s degree in software development. She came to Aalborg from Sofia in Bulgaria three years ago because she had heard many praises about the Danish education system.


Learning faster
“I studied maths at the university in Sofia which was all theory. At UCN in Aalborg, you work with focused learning. Theory and practice are connected. This makes you learn much faster,” says Aleksandra, who heard about TimePlan through IKEA.
“I worked at IKEA alongside my studies and signed in and out of TimePlan when registering my work hours. When I needed to find a company to do my internship with, I reached out to TimePlan.”


User tests and a bachelor thesis
Finn Harsfort, Development Manager at TimePlan Software, received Aleksandra’s application which involved user testing the new TimePlan Web App as a part of her 10-week internship.
“It’s been a pleasure having Aleksandra on our team. She is intelligent and self-driven and her open nature makes it easy to cooperate with her,” says Finn Hartford.
He has agreed that Aleksandra can use TimePlan as her case study for her bachelor thesis in June.
“I look forward to continuing my work at the TimePlan office until handing in my thesis and being part of Finn’s team,” says Aleksandra who has no plans on returning to Bulgaria any time soon.
This fall, she’s applying for a Master’s Degree in Operations- and Innovation Management at Aalborg University.

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