After 10 years at TimePlan Software: Rasmus is driven by the strong relations

10 years aniversary

Today, Rasmus Vestergaard can celebrate his 10-year anniversary at TimePlan Software A/S. According to him, great relationships with customers and colleagues have been a prevalent motivator throughout the years.  


Rasmus Vestergaard is a Senior Consultant at TimePlan Software A/S. His daily work tasks consist of managing projects, implementing new customers, support and supervision of existing customers, internal support, as well as conducting webinars, status meetings and customer meetings.

A lot has happened during the first 10 years of Rasmus being with the company. Especially with regards to the TimePlan and work tasks:

“The complexity of TimePlan has changed concurrently with the requirements and wishes of the customers and the market. If I don’t work with the same today as in the beginning, because there are more requirements to the system,” Rasmus explains.


A strong unity was established

Rasmus had his first official work day on June 1st, 2012, but he was already invited on a company trip to Prague the weekend before. Contrary to what one might think, it is not the architectural surroundings of Prague that makes Rasmus remember the weekend 10 years later:

“I started out by driving from all of them in a go-kart in Prague. Then they all knew from the beginning that I would never back down,” Rasmus says with a smile on his face.

Such a memory from Prague is a testimony to the strong camaraderie between colleagues, which has been a great influence when it comes to Rasmus´ work satisfaction  throughout the years:

“Great, funny and caring colleagues are a must in a busy and challenging everyday life (..) Generally speaking, we are good at having fun and experiences together – with colleagues as well as our families.”


More than just customers

Good relationships are not only reserved for colleagues, but also his customers:

“I almost talk more to the customers than my colleagues during the weekdays, which has fostered fantastic relationships with those of our customers for whom I am responsible. We talk, have fun and go back and forth. You create a relationship in which you know the name of their dog, what they have been up to doing the weekend and such.”

Rasmus emphasizes that the dialogue is always focused on providing customers with support for their TimePlan solution:

“Hopefully I provide them with a sense of security as they use TimePlan as well as knowledge about what the system can do and how they use it. TimePlan is meant to make planning easier. It needs to ensure that its employees´ work follows the requirements and collective agreements that have been agreed upon, as well as to ensure that they are paid correctly,” Rasmus explains, regarding the value of his work and good customer relations.


How does it feel to be able to celebrate a 10-year anniversary? 

Rasmus can celebrate 10 years at TimePlan Software A/S, which according to him is much more exciting to celebrate than the next milestone of the year:

“I mean, it is definitely funnier than turning 40 soon,” a perky Rasmus says, and quickly follows up: “It is lovely that there will be a party – I look forward to that. Doing the weekdays, makes no difference, as I am surrounded by talented colleagues with even more years of seniority.”

In the future, Rasmus’ plan is to develop even more, both professionally and personally. Being able to contribute to TimePlan providing existing and new customers with even more value is something Rasmus looks forward to.


Big congratulations to Rasmus Vestergaard for 10 great years at TimePlan Software A/S. 

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